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Chris Riotta
Chris Riotta is a staff writer at Nextgov/FCW covering government procurement and technology policy. Chris joined FCW after covering U.S. politics for three years at The Independent. He earned his master's degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he served as 2021 class president.
Digital Government

FDA seeks industry support to develop standardized data ‘supersets’

The Food and Drug Administration is set to launch new pilot projects that aim to improve data interoperability and analysis across the public health community.


DOD aims to leverage AI and automation in records management

The Defense Department wants to harness the powers of emerging technology to reduce user burden and enhance enterprisewide records management processes, according to a plan the agency released this week.

IT Modernization

FCW Insider Chat: The top winners of the Fed100

The fifth and final episode of the FCW Insider Chat podcast highlights the work of the top three winners of this year’s Federal 100, the original and most prestigious awards program for the federal IT community. 


FBI and CIA combat cyber talent shortage with new hiring methods

Officials at the intelligence and law enforcement agencies say they’re facing the national cyber talent shortage head-on, from implementing a new approach to hiring top cyber talent to new training programs and incentives.


Ransomware vulnerability warning pilot yielding valuable lessons, CISA official says

A new interagency effort to proactively mitigate ransomware vulnerabilities has helped expand information sharing between the public and private sectors, according to a risk operations official from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. 

IT Modernization

Tech experts say federal government needs more AI leadership positions at agencies

Federal agencies are lacking critical points of contact for the government to coordinate on responsible oversight and use of artificial intelligence tools, experts said Tuesday. 


Lawmakers propose training program for federal officials on AI risks and rewards

The AI Leadership Training Act seeks to ensure that federal workforce leadership has the necessary skills and training to implement AI into their organizations.


Lawmakers tell Biden they are ‘extremely concerned’ about critical vacant cyber role

The Office of the National Cyber Director has not had a Senate-confirmed director since former Director Chris Inglis left the post nearly three months ago, just prior to the release of the national cyber strategy.


Tech subcommittee chairwoman plans MGT Act rewrite

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) said at a hearing that the congressionally-mandated revolving fund for tech upgrades is "a tool that needs sharpening."

IT Modernization

FCW Insider Chat: Cyber and Tech Policy

Technology Modernization Fund Executive Director Raylene Yung and Christian Hoehner of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee join the podcast to talk TMF, FedRamp Authorization and more.


Energy Department's cybersecurity program features critical weaknesses, report says

The Department of Energy is suffering from significant issues surrounding identity and access management, in addition to dozens of other concerns detailed in a new inspector general’s report. 


NITAAC extends CIO-SP3 contracts amid protests of follow-on vehicle

The extension is intended to give NIH’s governmentwide acquisition program enough time to work through more than 100 remaining active bid protests against the 10-year, $50 billion CIO-SP4 contract vehicle.


Pentagon CIO warns against pause in AI development

John Sherman warned that a pause in U.S. development of AI tools and research could potentially give overseas adversaries an upper hand.


DOD CIO touts a ‘pipeline’ of JWCC task orders and future zero trust options 

Pentagon CIO John Sherman said the new Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract will be part of a “choose your own adventure” strategy for zero trust adoption in the Defense Department. 


Space Force focusing on innovative procurement methods for commercial software

The Space Force is leaning on rapid prototyping and new software pathways to keep up with the commercial sector and its growing suite of software and services for space, according to a top official. 


FCW Insider Chat: Cybersecurity

CISA's Chief Information Officer Bob Costello and the Department of the Air Force's Venice Goodwine discuss how the federal government is working to bolster the nation's cybersecurity on this week's episode of the FCW Insider Chat.


DHS cyber talent management system boasts just 80 hires after nearly two years

Integrating the new hiring acquisition system across the Department of Homeland Security has “been a real project,” said the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.


Welcome to FCW Insider Chat

Introducing a podcast series that explores the innovators working behind the scenes to transform the way the federal government operates.  


OMB, CISA set to release common form for software self-attestation

Federal CISO Chris DeRusha said the new standardized approach to collecting self-attestation forms from third-party software providers could be released as early as this week.


Space Force should look to the private sector to fill data gaps, watchdog says

The Space Force currently has blindspots in its understanding of objects in space that can potentially be resolved with the help of a growing commercial sector, a new report says.