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Colby Hochmuth

Colby Hochmuth is a former staff writer for FCW.

GSA's Roth not looking to rock the boat

"We need to keep running in the direction we've been running," Acting GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth said.


End of (snow) days

The widespread use of teleworking has all but spelled the demise of the sleepy snow day.

Digital Government

8 mobile trends for 2015

A major trend is cost, says a DMI survey. If agencies continue using three or four devices per employee, the total price of ownership is going to get prohibitive.

IRS email probe awaits new software

IG finds "potential criminal activity," but the investigation is on hold pending settlement of a dispute with a vendor over software licensing rights.

IT Modernization

How much cloud is too much cloud?

The average public sector organization uses 721 cloud services, says a new report from Skyhigh Networks.


Congress not getting the whole IT picture from IRS

GAO said implementation of its recommendations is "critical" to Congress getting good information from the IRS.

Digital Government

Why Social Security's websites succeed

"They do a great job of setting expectations," said Dave Lewan of ForeSee, which rated five of SSA's sites in the latest list of top 10 federal websites.

Digital Government

DJ Patil tapped as U.S. chief data scientist

The man who declared data scientist "the sexiest job of the 21st century” now plays that part for the federal government.

Digital Government

In search of a mobile app standard

The CIO Council aims to standardize the way agencies vet mobile apps.


Is government ready for agile?

"That's like asking whether the government is ready for oxygen," said 18F co-founder Robert Read. "It needs it, whether it knows it needs it or not."

Digital Government

NOAA grapples with buying data from industry

The agency is still trying to decide how to address a looming lapse in weather satellite data.


Can the Senate make sense of the Internet of Things?

Lawmakers and experts discuss how to ensure IoT security without getting in the way of innovation.

Digital Government

NGA banks on the power of transparency

Agency director touts data shared to combat Ebola, says open approach "is our future."

Digital Government

Growth in big data draws women to statistics

The field of statistics is booming, thanks in large part to the increased need for data analysts.

8 things to know about Tony Scott

The newly appointed federal CIO is a pilot, an ex-smoker and someone who might not think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.


White House names new federal CIO

VMware's Tony Scott to replace Steven VanRoekel, who left the job in September for a role at USAID.


CTO to agencies: Be a good customer

One way of being a better customer, says federal CTO Megan Smith, is to develop a contracting process more in touch with vendors.

Digital Government

More data, more promise, more questions

The White House’s big data and privacy working group cites progress, but acknowledges that big challenges lie ahead.

IT Modernization

Forest Service needs an archive update

USFS wants to modernize the process of storing, retrieving and deleting data.

Digital Government

GSA invites in the masses

The new Public Participation Playbook is a guide for encouraging and measuring citizen involvement in improving federal performance.