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Dan Carney

IT Modernization

Apple gets juiced up

Upgrades redefine the Mac's role

A closer look at competing platforms

BlackBerry, Palm and some wild card entrants to the wireless e-mail market

Sold on wireless e-mail

Wireless e-mail has proved to be irresistibly useful

A fallback plan in hand

Assessing handheld computers in light of their new role in worst-case scenarios

Multifunction cell phones another option

Another possibility for a wireless e-mail device is a cell phone derivative


Navy finds a more efficient mail call

Lotus Development Corp.'s Domino is helping the Navy streamline electronic communications with the ships of the Atlantic and Pacific fleets


Pushing the envelope

Greater product complexity and user needs raise the stakes for agency e-mail plans


Security efforts can't be mailed in

Agencies need to ensure that their e-mail systems are as secure as possible

64-bit system sharpens Air Force eye in the sky

The Air Force's Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System's Boeing 707 scans the ground for vehicles and potential targets

Will Sun still shine?

Sun may not be in danger of drying up and blowing away anytime soon, but it does face a formidable coalition of competitors lining up behind the Intel 64-bit effort

64-bit chips: Power to burn

Intel's Itanium could change the rules of high-end computing


The best choice was in the cards

Before settling on smart cards, the Air Force considered alternative automated systems for its Standard Asset Tracking System


Market shows signs of growth

The market for smart cards in the United States remains small, although the technology is popular in Europe


Smart card program earns its wings

Air Force finds a prudent approach leads to productivity gains

Give yourself a handheld

How to choose a PDA that meets your agency's needs

The cost of color

The increasing use of color displays in the handheld computer market has boosted interest in the devices.

Keeping tabs on new doctors

The doctors in the St. Louis University Family Practice Residency program, operated in cooperation with the Air Force, need to keep track of the procedures performed by resident doctors who are working to earn their stripes as fullfledged doctors.


Unlocking history at State

The State Department's archives include more than 25 million records of telegram e-mail messages dating to 1973.

Measuring the payback

It is impossible to quantify the cost of not finding something you may not even know exists.

The search for answers

New retrieval techniques improve access to agency information