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Daniel Keegan

Governments struggle with e-gov savings

In Tennessee, millions of dollars are available, without legislative approval, to state agencies that can prove that an information technology project will recoup all costs in five years.


Pa. borough to pilot community portal

Unisys Corp. has chosen West Chester, Pa., for a community Internet portal pilot project that aims to bring together citizens, businesses and government on one site


Partnership joins gov, customers

GovConnect Inc. has partnered with Interactive Intelligence Inc. to offer an integrated customer service platform to handle all types of communication ? from phone calls and faxes to e-mail and Web chats.

Move over infomercials: A suburb buys cable time

To combat the rise of electronic commerce and expected losses in sales tax revenue, a suburb north of Chicago is promoting traditional sales with commercials on cable TV.


Conn. strengthens access for disabled

Connecticut has adopted stricter accessibility standards to ensure that disabled citizens can access the state's Web page. The state aims to have all its agencies in compliance by Jan. 1, 2002.


Weather, traffic online in Wash.

After six months of testing and tweaking, Washington state has launched a realtime weather and traffic site.

Digital Government

Small, simple computers for cops on the go

The premise of Public Safety Group Inc.'s 'PocketCop' device is simple:


Ind. lobbyists register online

A new feature on Access Indiana, the state's Web portal, enables lobbyists to register and report activities and gifts online.

Chicago gets smart about transit

The Chicago Transit Authority and a suburban bus system have joined in a pilot program to test the ease and acceptance of SmartCard, a 'touchandgo' payment system for commuters.


CivicLife getting personal, a startup that is building a World Wide Web portal to provide information and transactions for all civic institutions, has partnered with SilverStream Software Inc. to enable individual consumers to customize the site.

Integrated ticket payment system launched

SCT's new system allows courts to accept traffic ticket payments 24 hours a day, then use the data for sentencing and auditing

Technology a sideshow at fair

Illinois takes advantage of the crowds at its state fair to tout technology offerings

N.J. millions to fuel tech work force

State gives $14.3 million to colleges and universities to address the shortage of qualified technology workers

Online balloting thwarts hackers

Company officials say Reform Party online voting went smoothly, despite 35 attempted attacks, including one denial-of-service attempt


Site has lowdown on ozone

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection gives ozone information to nonprofit for Web posting


Delaware puts voting info online

Voters can find a sample ballot, information on candidates' views and candidates' e-mail and Web addresses


Ohio county court records go online

Butler County, Ohio, launched an Internet site last month that enables people to search court records.


Des Moines takes e-gov plunge

City has chosen to create a Web site in which people can search an events calendar and pay tickets online


Michigan targets Internet crimes against kids

The state has a hotline people can call to report suspicious Internet activities, as well as a campaign to educate people about cybercrime

Florida forms privacy task force

Gov. Jeb Bush has created a task force to make policy recommendations for the Internet Age by Feb. 1, 2001