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David Perera

David Perera is a special contributor to Defense Systems.

ITIL emerges as new sheriff of IT management

Agencies are turning to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library to bring order to IT management processes, but what will that mean for their enterprise architecture efforts?

IT Modernization

Leading the Army's technology charge

Army Maj. Gen. Nickolas Justice, who presides over a diverse group of programs at the Program Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications Tactical, discusses the benefits of service-oriented architecture and open-source software.


Chilton: Cybersecurity is each user's responsibility

Some of the military's vulnerability to cyberattacks is because users don't take security seriously, general says.

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As NMCI wraps, question of what is next looms

The next generation of NMCI is likely to be the end of the single-vendor model, but it's far from clear what the Navy will replace it with.

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CANES to consolidate shipboard networks

As the Navy prepares to rework its shore-based networks under the Next Generation Enterprise Network, a parallel effort is under way to streamline the networks on ships.


Report from Croatia: Facebook causes political firestorm

A 22-year-old Facebook member created the controversy by starting a group for people who do not like the country's prime minister.


What’s new with DOD’s 5015.02-STD

DOD released Version 3 of 5015.02-STD in April 2007 and certified products this year.


New bailout plans for archivists

Updated DOD records standard gets governmentwide nod as possible solution to a growing problem.

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GSA’s consolidation 2.0 project

Agency looks to a shared services model to eliminate costly redundancies in the procurement system.

4 lessons for upgraders

Tips for smoothing human services modernization projects.


A boost for state aid

States learn to offset the risk of human services modernization projects with flexible tech approaches.


GSA to unify acquisition systems

A request for proposals set for October will spell out the agency's requirements.

IT Modernization

Networx: A revolution on hold

Agencies show little interest in transforming telecom operations.

GAO monitors Networx transition

The Government Accountability Office's auditors do not suspect wrongdoing but want to keep close tabs on the massive migration.

Networx fee to remain unchanged

GSA says it is not planning to modify its management fee for the Networx contracts until it gets a better grasp of its actual costs.

Networx fee to remain unchanged

GSA says it is not planning to modify its management fee for the Networx contracts until it gets a better grasp of its actual costs.

Put SOA to the test

4 steps to developing effective service-level agreements for SOA-based applications.


Satellite shootdowns not a threat to DOD space assets, analyst says

An expert at Rand said the Navy's success in shooting down a U.S. satellite doesn't signal a 'space Pearl Harbor.'


Is the Defense Travel System finally ready to fly?

Expanding the system to accommodate trips for purposes other thantemporary-duty travel is a Defense Department priority.

FAQs for midsize and large businesses

Frequently asked questions for midsize and large businesses about what the government’s small-business requirements mean for them