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Earl Greer

IT Modernization

SpyForce-AI protects against insider threats

Software uses artificial intelligence to detect anomalous behavior on networked systems.

IT Modernization

Put an end to manual penetration testing

Core Impact automates the task of finding security vulnerabilities.

Symantec security gateways: Simple and reliable

The company’s 5600 series offers multifunction defense at an affordable price.

Review: Network analyzer churns out useful security reports

eIQnetwork's device makes sense of vast amounts of system log data

Intrusion detection on steroids

Sourcefire 3D offers multilayered defense strategy to stop cyberthreats.

IT Modernization

Network remediation comes of age

Peakflow X 3.1 hardens networks against cyberattacks.

IT Modernization

Application protection

Teros security gateway prevents attacks on applications.

IT Modernization

Observer does more than observe, it fixes

Protocol analyzer sports new interface for triggering alarms

IT Modernization

Security in a single package

Hercules offers patch management, remediation, policies in unified interface

IT Modernization

Detection in the dark

QRadar ferrets out network anomalies, resolves potential problems

IT Modernization

Network monitoring comes of age

NetQoS analyzes almost all the important types of WAN traffic.

Taking care of patches

SecurityProfiling's SysUpdate eases the deployment of security patches

Nowhere to hide

StealthWatch catches intruders even if they try to cover their tracks

IT Modernization

Troubleshooting network slowdowns

Observer 9's integrated toolset pinpoints causes of network problems

Microsoft's patch management tools

The enterprise versions of patch management products are not designed for very small offices, and there are no personal editions of such tools.

Keeping systems properly stitched

Four patch management solutions offer a mix of features for enterprises of all sizes

A fortress in a box

FortiGate 3600 offers a smorgasbord of security services on one machine

StillSecure streamlines vulnerability repair

Web-based software automates scanning, creates reports

Vulnerability scanning: It's all about control

A vulnerability scanner is the best tool for ensuring that all of your users are following security policies and applying all the patches

StormWatch adds layer of protection

Product review: Intrusion-prevention software blocks attacks at operating system level