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Tips for contact centers

Tips for contact centers

HHS center shines in public education role

For the Department of Health and Human Services' National Women's Health Information Center, supplying the public with up-to-date health data is paramount.

One-stop shops

Government contact centers gear up to serve greater variety of customers' needs


Military big on portals

Air Force planners used portal technology in the service's Theater Battle Management Core Systems to help craft and launch air offensives


Gov portals get to work

No longer window dressing, portals become new home for critical agency business


Many archiving challenges remain

When devising strategies to streamline e-mail archiving, agencies face formidable technology and cultural challenges


Saving the message

Records managers try automated fixes to mend e-mail archival woes


Tools help pinpoint the right words

Audio-mining technologies create indexes of audio files using words or speech sounds


From lab to landing zone

About the Defense Department's Language and Speech Exploitation Resources (LASER) team


Listen up

Automated speech transcription, translation systems called on for front-line duty


Automated transcription and translation systems



Agencies outsource self-service

Some agencies are hiring application service providers to operate their self-service e-government applications


Giving users a virtual hand

Self-service Web apps promise to cut e-gov support costs

Agencies close in on metadata benefits

A few agencies are forging ahead with major metadata initiatives, including the Bureau of Land Management and the Census Bureau

Know your data

Metadata provides the knowledge to improve information management

Metadata key to Air Force XML project

With a boost from metadata, the Air Force is Web-enabling its massive collection of technical manuals

Three ways to do it

When it comes to metadata management, there is no exclusive strategy or solution

Modular solutions play well

The operative word for enterprise resource planning vendors targeting the federal market is 'modular'

A recipe for success: ERP by the slice

Agencies take software suites one application at a time

Marine Corps keeps it simple

For the Marine Corps Community Services sought an ERP solution for human resources