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Emily Cole

Emily Cole is an editorial intern for FCW.

Pew poll: Public fears coming budget cuts

Poll also reveals that the blame gap between the president and Congress is narrowing.


Napolitano delivers homeland security update

DHS secretary's speech focuses on security itself, not the department.


A case for active cyber defense

A report from the Center for a New American Security outlines reasons for policymakers to provide guidance and clarity on the debate about active cyber defense.


How to join the Senior Executive Service

Moving into the exective ranks demands a proven track record and some high-level skills, but it's not a mystery.


VA paperless benefits rollout gains speed

In 2012, the first 18 VA offices switched to the new Veterans Benefits Management System, and the rest are expected to this year.

Navy delays NGEN award

Officials cite complexity of requirements, not budget or sequestration concerns.


GAO's call to action in IT management

The government plans to spend $74 billion on IT this year, and needs to tighten its control over programs to prevent cost overruns and missed deadlines.

USPS continues to explore digital services

New white paper suggests a need for "hybrid mail services" to combine physical and digital delivery.

GAO launches site for key issues

Access GAO audits and other information organized by more than 50 specific issue areas at the Key Issues website.

Fiscal cliff aversion -- cost or savings?

Does the deal to sidestep the fiscal cliff save money or cost? The answer depends on how you count.


Former ARPA-E director joins Google

Arun Majumdar will oversee search engine giant's energy initiatives.


Fight against redundant websites becomes a broader crusade

Sheila Campbell, who won a Federal 100 award in 2012 for her efforts to eliminate duplicative websites, has expanded her scope to encompass the larger federal digital strategy.

Digital Government

FCC task force promotes broadband adoption

The Federal Communications Commission has brought together a group to encourage the spread of emerging network technologies.

NASA website set for overhaul

The overhaul of will make use of ideas the public has submitted through Ideascale. One challenge: Making the site more scalable so that demand spikes caused by new content such as satellite images of Earth at night won't crash the system.


2012 Plum Book is out

The latest guide to politically-appointed federal jobs, published after each presidential election, is out.


Crowdsourcing the next

Agency is pushing for public input as it plans its website redesign.


Can digital identity services breathe new life into USPS?

Plagued by declining revenues and rising costs, the postal service is looking for new revenue streams -- including, possibly, digital ID creation and authentication services.


5 tips for social government success

Social media isn't optional, but agencies are still learning how to use it well. Here are some winning strategies.


NARA map shows elections past and future

An interactive online map allows users to research past presidential elections or apply state-by-state scenarios to the current one to see how various state wins or losses affects electoral vote totals.