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Gaurav "GP" Pal

Gaurav "GP" Pal is CEO and founder of stackArmor and has more than 20 years of IT consulting experience.
IT Modernization

How to fund security and modernize at the same time

FedRAMP's standards go a long way toward the security goals the White House just set -- but smaller firms must be able to afford the authorization process.

IT Modernization

Government needs a massive investment in FedRAMP

A well-funded shared service could relieve an authorization bottleneck and bring essential cloud services to the government market.


Government needs to get serious about IT modernization

Despite bountiful evidence of wasteful IT spending, Congress has yet to get serious about retiring the nation's antiquated IT.

IT Modernization

The government needs to be more like Netflix

To truly benefit from shared services and the cloud, agencies should be building a repository of "microservice" business routines.