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WikiLeaks could be thwarted by new State Dept. system

The State Department has replaced the kinds of diplomatic cables that were leaked to WikiLeaks with a new, more secure collaborative system, reports Government Computer News.

Government call centers ring true to customers

Overall satisfaction rates with government call centers has risen in the past year and are slowly closing in on private-sector rates.

DARPA wants 'pre-crime' technology

If there's an algortihm out there that can analyze data to identify troubled soldiers, DARPA wants it.

How to stop Facebook friends from tracking you

Facebook's new Places feature allows others to tag your locations, and Facebook has turned it on by default. Here's how to turn it off.

10 gov Web apps that get results

These 10 great agency Web applications combine innovative ideas with new media to produce effective civic engagement.

How big is the oil spill? See how far it would stretch in your hometown

Just how far does the spill from BP's Deepwater Horizon rig really go? It's easy to lose sight of the scale of the millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but what if the source of the gusher were in your hometown?

What makes a Web site -- form or function?

A list of the 12 worst government Web sites criticized those sites mostly for their design. Readers say content and functionality are better criteria.

Supercomputer tapped for 3D models of oil spill

The National Science Foundation has made an emergency allocation of 1 million compute-hours on a supercomputer used at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas to create 3-D models of the spreading oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Spreading the word on the oil spill

As oil from BP's Deepwater Horizon spill spreads toward the Gulf Coast, agencies spread the word on environmental and health concerns, along with updates on the government's response.

In defense of PowerPoint

After Pentagon leaders criticize the use of PowerPoint presentations, readers come to the software's defense, laying the blame for bad presentations at the users' feet.

White House contributes to open-source project has released the code for four open-source modules, adding to the ongoing Drupal project.

iPhone overcoming IT security skepticism

Apple's iPhone is winning over enterprise security skeptics and is now becoming a viable option to Research in Motion's BlackBerrys and Microsoft Windows Mobile handsets.

IT Modernization

Twitter offers Iranian protestors outlet to the world

The disputes in Iran over Twitter underscore the growing importance of social media sites and the extent to which the United States and other governments are paying attention to them.

IT Modernization

Technology briefs

NIST releases revised crypto standard; Hands-free recharging; Fading Windows?

IT Modernization

HHS moves to consolidate HR processes

The Health and Human Services Department has embarked on a program to aggregate human resources data from its 40 physical locations into a single system.<@SM>

IT Modernization

Spring forward, plan ahead

How severely will the change in daylight-saving time affect IT systems? Worse than you might think, according to one observer.<@SM><@SM><@SM><@SM>

IT Modernization

System chiefs run for daylight

Change management is key to making sure applications will be able to spring forward

IT Modernization

Best practices, better performance

Infrastructure library helps you clear hurdles of IT management.

IT Modernization

Oracle vendor purchase may boost agency strategic smarts

Oracle’s planned purchase of Hyperion may result in software that allows government customers to more easily merge their strategic plans with their operational data.<@SM>

IT Modernization

Geospatial standards

The Open Geospatial Consortium will develop geospatial standards for use on the Web.