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And forgive us our trespasses

Agencies monitor employee Internet use to stem unauthorized surfing


Training anytime, anywhere

Pennsylvania teachers can now log on for their mandatory continuing education courses

Other important standards

Standards should make cards more useful

Designing a universal smart card

Standards should make cards more useful

Taking wireless the last mile

States with large rural populations know that Internet access must play a role in just about any economic development campaign. But providing access to outlying areas is neither cheap nor easy.

How it works

The Real-Time Traffic Adaptive Control System (RT-TRACS) is made up of several modules.

Lights years ahead

New responsive traffic-signal system aims to ease Chicago congestion

Checking up on your ASP

Although a servicelevel agreement with an application service provider details system performance goals and support response times, how can an agency ensure that its service provider is delivering? The answer may be to invest in a monitoring service.

The defining moment

When a federal agency turns to an application service provider to outsource its email or enterprise resource planning applications, the ASP usually brings welcome relief from the burdensome operations and upkeep associated with those applications.

Quick tips for accessible Web sites

Images and animations: Use the 'alt' attribute to describe the function of each visual.

Enabling the disabled

W ith the emergence of the World Wide Web, a whole new world of information has opened up for people with disabilities, especially those with vision impairments who can now zip through thousands of text-laden pages with text readers.

Stretching your workforce

During the heavy budget cutting of the 1990s, training programs were often the first victims. But now, faced with a severe labor shortage ? half of all information technology workers in the federal government are expected to retire in the next five years ? agencies are fattening training budgets again as one way to expand the IT ranks. But as agencies add new training programs, Congress wants them to show a measurable return on investment.

On a roll

Officials at Computer Sciences Corp. credit two decisions for the companys blistering growth in the federal information technology arena: sharpening their focus on value-added services such as performance contracts and consolidating federal operations in 1998.

Light on its feet

Information technology companies are using the momentum of procurement reform to restructure, readjust and rethink the way they go after federal IT business, which has become more freewheeling and less hampered by bureaucratic red tape.

Breaking the dot-com mold

Only a few short months ago, anything ending with ".com" was sure to stir interest. So when EzGov dropped the .com from its name, it was an indication of just how fast the government market is evolving.

Hot, hot, hot

A looming federal workforce shortage and pressure from the White House and Congress to move government business online are creating the market that will give rise to the next hot federal contractors.

Making the grade

Webenabled tools help parents, teachers connect

Products improving education access

Some Webenabled communications tools for education include

Storage jobs put on the line

For federal agencies swamped with data but short on manpower, a storage device the size of a pizza box that is reliable, inexpensive to own and can be set up in minutes is a dream come true.

NAS buying tips

Here are factors to consider when evaluating networkattached storage: