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Solving the password challenge

Smart cards offer tamper-resistant credentials for building, network access

IT Modernization

5 wireless mistakes to avoid

Deploying WLANs requires network management, security skills


4 tips for a strong defense

Many agency officials still struggle to meet FISMA obligations and could use some help.

Monitoring wireless traffic


IT Modernization

Closing wireless backdoors

Wireless LAN analyzers detect rogue users and devices

Digital Government

Do your homework



Collaboration by consent

Pennsylvania's Justice Network provides a model of integration

IT Modernization

Free to roam

Broadening wireless LAN market presents buyers with new choices

IT Modernization

Is wireless LAN gear right for you?

Deciding if wireless local-area network (WLAN) technology is right for your agency will depend primarily on your potential wireless applications and the characteristics of your user base, according to industry analysts.

Digital Government

Let needs dictate purchase and deployment plans

Despite the battles raging between vendors touting a dedicated wireless local-area network deployment strategy vs. those pushing an integrated wireless/wired infrastructure, the best way to set the right strategy is to understand the nature of the wireless applications you want to support.

Secure transactions with no strings attached

Security vendors pitch PKI alternatives that cut costs and management headaches

Changing with the times

GSA's smart card contract zeros in on post-Sept. 11 priorities


Boston airport tests video alert system

Logan International Airport in Boston launched a digital video pilot project in May designed to automatically detect airport sercurity breaches


Video's supporting cast also important

Cameras are just one part of the digital video picture

How to pair smart cards and biometrics

Biometric systems, which measure physical or behavioral characteristics to verify a person's identity


The eyes have it

A slew of surveillance and first responder applications spurs interest in video technology

Smart cards of different stripes

Differing priorities mark DOD, DHS and TSA efforts

Government smart card spec gets updated

The newest version of the Government Smart Card Interoperability Specification is critical to the General Services Administration's Smart Access Common ID contract


Collaboration takes new forms

Flexibility, speed and coordination define new requirements for data sharing and interagency collaboration


Federal architecture eyed as way to topple barriers

The federal enterprise architecture will be a blueprint for the technology deployment and will help ease the cultural barriers to cross-agency cooperation