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Heather Hayes

Heather Hayes is a freelance writer based in Clifford, Va.

E-prescribing effort turns to e-media for faster results

The American Academy of Family Physicians has launched an e-prescribing campaign that includes Internet discussion groups and a Flash presentation on e-prescribing.

Twitter add-ons

Third-party applications help make Twitter the microblogging tool of choice.


Polishing your Twitter skills

Twitter users tell newcomers to dive in into the Twitter world while providing a few tips.


Psst! Are you Twittering yet?

It’s no secret: Using Twitter’s short and sweet message blasts can be a great way to communicate.


GAO: States need more fed help preparing for pandemics

States remain weak in the areas of critical infrastructure, food safety reporting, and facilitating a medical care surge, the GAO found.

Louisiana law sets up health care transparency site

Web site would supply consumers treatment price data, including when a physician has performed a procedure, their complication rates and patient safety indicators.

HealthMap taps Internet for public health ‘situational awareness’

HealthMap system developed by Harvard and Children’s Hospital Boston scours the Internet to pick up raw intelligence on potential disease outbreaks.

Vermont trust fund aims at physicians' EHR adoption

Sponsors estimate that the fund will boost EHR penetration to 50 percent of the state's independent physicians during the next five years.

IT Modernization

Storage smarts: a class act

Federal employees and organizations find value in obtaining specialization and certification in storage technologies.


Web extra: How 311 works

Who do people call if they have a city tax question? In a growing number of cities, they call a 311 call center.


Dial 311

311 service is e-government with a different name.

CMS awards more Medicaid Transformation Grants

Sixteen states and Puerto Rico get funds to modernize the delivery and administration of Medicaid health services.

CMS funds Georgia health care transparency Web site

Medicare agency awards the state a 'transformation grant' to post health cost information online.

IT Modernization

A paperless manifesto: 7 proposals

Early adopters in the digital records revolution share tips on winning conversion battles.


Virtual sergeant does recruiting

Army creates an intelligent search tool to assist overworked service recruiters.