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Jacqueline Feldscher

Senior National Security Correspondent, Defense One

Jacqueline Feldscher
Jacqueline Feldscher is senior national security correspondent at Defense One. Previously, she was national security and space reporter at Politico. Before that, Feldscher covered defense issues in Congress and at the Pentagon for the Washington Examiner, the Washington Times, and Navy Times, covering the Navy and Coast Guard. She’s a graduate of Boston University, and holds a master’s in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Space chief nominee worried about launchpad ‘traffic jams’

The Space Force will “need to look at other opportunities” as launch cadence grows, Lt. Gen. Chance Saltzman told lawmakers.


China could overtake U.S. in space without ‘urgent action,’ warns new Pentagon report

America needs a long-term goal in space to be able to compete with Beijing, Pentagon industrial-base group writes.


House committee boosts defense budget by $37B

The House Armed Service Committee’s topline is more than Biden’s budget request, but less than that of its Senate counterpart


Senate panel approves $45B boost to 2023 defense topline

The House draft followed Biden’s budget, but lawmakers are expected to debate the funding number next week.


Russia’s invasion will boost 2023 defense budget, top Democrat Says

Rep. Adam Smith: Putin’s war “fundamentally altered what our national security posture” needs to be.


Lawmakers ask Biden to make sure DOD follows climate rules

The Pentagon has said it will not seek an exemption to the climate goals.


One Year After Jan. 6 Attack, Push For Quick Reaction Force Is Dead On Capitol Hill

Experts also warn changes at DOD won’t speed up how quickly Guardsmen could respond to future incidents.