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Jane Morrissey

Raising Tennessee Kids

Tennessee faced a formidable management and technology task two years ago when it decided to consolidate six children's services agencies into one. Perhaps the most basic and overwhelming task was combining its myriad legacy welfare systems into one workable, streamlined solution. So the state's ne

Facilities Management: Windy City Shoulders Work Flow

Facilities management isn't something you usually notice unless it's being done poorly.

New Jersey's Environmental Management Desktop

New Jersey may often bear the brunt of pollution jokes, but the state actually is far down on emissions lists, thanks to one of the most aggressive environmental programs in the United States.

Texas Twist

It may sound like a dance, but Texas' TWIST is a system that actually eliminates steps for the state's citizens to get from welfare to work. TWIST, a.k.a. The Workforce Information System of Texas

Pitfalls of Public Safety Integration

Public safety may be the highest civic priority within local government, but the technology used to support such services often lags behind the times. While getting the job done, many 911, computeraided dispatch (CAD) and radio systems are outdated and splintered among police, fire and other city

Prime Partners

It should come as little surprise that in the 'Show Me State,' Missouri's purchasing executives demand proof of whether their PC provider is delivering value to state desktop buyers. But by applying the state motto to its PCbuying practices, the Missouri state government has put in place an innova

New technology reduces CBT learning curve

Although computerbased training has been around for decades, delivering courses via computers often has been overshadowed by sexier technology, such as the Internet and snazzy multimedia tools.

Oregon County Clicks With Objects-Based GIS

Since their inception, geographic information systems have often sat on the periphery of traditional systems development.

ATM rides high atop Sonet

Although sometimes pitted against each other in the race to deliver everhigher network bandwidth Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Synchronous Optical Network (Sonet) technology are more frequently teamed. ATM is fast becoming the network switching technology of choice to ride atop highspeed S

Groupware Speeds Emergency Measures

It's an old joke: What are the four seasons in California? Fires floods earthquakes and mud slides.

Illinois Comptroller: How to Turn Around an Administrative System on the Brink of Crisis

When Illinois Comptroller Loleta Didrickson entered office two years ago she faced a situation about to implode. Not a fiscal one but a deadend computer platform and archaic accounting procedures that threatened to stymie management of the state's $35 billion budget.