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Jeff Symoens

Exchange 2000 worth the wait

Microsoft's Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server offers greater flexibility, improved administration, greater scalability -- and a few migration headaches

Windows 2000 Professional: a more manageable desktop

As the desktop component of the new Microsoft Corp. operating system, Windows 2000 Professional provides some nice enhancements over Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

Microsoft delivers competition

Federal information technology managers have been eager to see the enhancements promised in Windows 2000.

Advanced Server takes on tough tasks

Although we reviewed Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced Server, we focused on the Windows 2000 Server product, which will be the target platform for most agencies looking to deploy the product for file and print servers, domain controllers, and to run basic server applications or support core networking infrastructure services. However, for more robust server configurations required to support highend, serverbased applications, Windows 2000 Advanced Server will be a more appropriate choice.

Active Directory may spark turf battles

Microsoft Corp.'s Active Directory's reliance on Domain Name System undoubtedly will cause resistance at some agencies that have relied on Unixbased DNS servers for years.

Exchange 2000: Better messaging, for a price

Agencies that want to upgrade to the next release of Microsoft Corp.'s electronic messaging and collaboration platform likely will gain many important benefits, but they will have to make significant commitments in return. Exchange 2000 Server due to ship in the first half of this year will rely on Microsoft's new server operating system, Windows 2000, and agencies that want to upgrade to Exchange 2000 Server also must adopt Windows 2000 Server.

Microsoft strengthens management tool

With the PC's popularity, the rapid evolution of software and smaller information technology staffs responsible for managing more desktops than ever before, getting a handle on enterprisewide systems management remains a daunting task. Several products on the market promise to help you get a grip o

Windows 2000 shapes up with Beta 3

Longawaited and often delayed, Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 Server and Professional products have finally reached the featurecomplete beta stage. Based on our tests with Beta 3, which was released in early May, both Windows 2000 products show strong promise as upgrade candidates. But we did enc

Lotus hits new high

Each of the last few releases of Lotus Development Corp.'s Notes and Domino products have brought fairly significant improvements to the company's groupware, collaboration and messaging platform. But the evolution of the feature set in Release 5 (R5) product suite of Notes, Domino and Domino Design

Microsoft and Netscape

Dread waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles?

Microsoft, Netscape take on e-commerce

With Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition, Microsoft takes its typical approach to enterprise software integration: The package runs exclusively on the company's Windows NT Server 4.0 and Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0.

Latest Domino release primed for intranets

With the latest release of Notes and Domino its companion World Wide Web server platform Lotus Development Corp. has turned this onceproprietary groupware application into a viable platform for standardsbased intranet solutions. Lotus' impressive Notes groupware was in danger of being made unnece