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Jill Rosen

The facts on eFACTS

EFACTS is the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's online database.

City continues Internet freebie

LaGrange, Ga., which made headlines last year by offering its residents free Internet access via cable television, is extending the pilot program so even more people can take advantage of it.

Illinois throws line to small hospitals

Illinois is giving its smallest hospitals a boost that will provide the institutions with high-speed Internet access now -- and the infrastructure to eventually practice telemedicine.

Money flows in to flood site

In the wake of flooding that paralyzed parts of West Virginia, the governor has set up a Web site where people have donated money electronically.

Just the eFACTS

Pennsylvania has given rights to one of its more head-turning applications to Compaq Computer Corp. so the company can sell it to other states.

System could trim Medicaid costs

EDS says its new product could help state agencies figure out cost-effective drug programs


Site translates 'survival' info

California is testing a Web site that provides vital information in several languages


San Diego uses show and tell

The city is using online photo displays and virtual reality software to make city plans come to life

Tech is fair game in Illinois

The state finds that the best place to spread the word about technology is alongside carnival rides

Mock election tests voting tech

Harris County, Texas, is taking its new electronic voting machines for a test drive


City continues Internet freebie

LaGrange, Ga., extends its popular offer to give residents free Internet access through cable modems


New CIO named in Delaware

The new boss will help convert the state's Office of Information Services into a department of technology


Illinois throws line to small hospitals

The state is linking the hospitals to its highspeed network so that they can practice telehealth initiatives

Money flows in to flood site

West Virginia's governor sets up Web site where people can get flood information and give donations


Permit-tracking system in demand

Pennsylvania has given Compaq rights to sell its awardwinning environmental permit-tracking system

Calling Civic 50 award nominations

As the new year begins, we at would like you to take a look back before you proceed forward


Jury: AMS breached Mississippi contract

The state said that more than five years after signing a deal with AMS, not one aspect of its automated tax system was working


Is your Web site friendly?

Not having a user-friendly site is as bad as not having one at all, AOL exec says


Smaller counties lag behind on Internet

Some counties still say they have no plans to develop Web sites

Governors hear privacy debate

Some governors soon could be considering privacy policies for state government electronic transactions