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Joab Jackson

Joab Jackson is the senior technology editor for Government Computer News.

GSA adds up cloud savings

The General Services Administration estimates it can save as much as $1.7 million a year by switching its search Web site to a cloud computing infrastructure. Here's how the numbers break down.

White House friends GSA, comments on social media

GSA's Bev Godwin, recently returned from a six-month detail to the White House, talks about the advantages of using social media to connect with the public and balancing the ease of using Web 2.0 tools with the challenges of meeting government regulations.

Open-source tools could make it easier to build a hybrid cloud

Government agencies interested in building out privately-run internal clouds have a growing number of open-source tools to work with.

IPv4 addresses almost gone

The Internet will run out of unused Internet Protocol version 4 Internet addresses soon, predicts the American Registry for Internet Numbers.

Open source gets DOD’s long-awaited blessing

New guidance from Defense Department acting CIO David Wennergren says DOD should consider open-source software on equal footing with commercial offerings.

States urged to create data catalogs

State and local governments should ramp up efforts to become more transparent, organization contends.

DISA ramps up cloud-computing platform

The Defense Information Systems Agency is boasting that its new cloud-computing platform can provide a NIPRnet-connected, production-ready virtual server within 72 hours.

Feds offer White House plenty of ideas on budget-cutting

The Save.Gov Web site launched by the White House soliciting ideas on how to cut spending in the 2011 budget has drawn more than 10,000 suggestions in its first week.

IT Modernization

New NASA CIO views technology as an enabler

Cureton brings social media savvy to new post as NASA CIO.


Cureton brings social media expertise to new NASA role

NASA selects Linda Cureton to be new CIO after nearly year-long search.

Google readies government cloud offering

Google's government cloud offering will offer Google Apps in a dedicated environment within undisclosed Google facilities in the United States.


Facebook launches government page

The federal government has jumped into the social-media fray by launching a Facebook page aimed at giving agencies the tips and inspiration to set up and run their own pages on the social-networking site.

GSA's Casey Coleman sees mix of public, private services in the cloud

Government applications that don't have stringent requirements under the Federal Information Security Management Act could be the first available for testing in a public cloud environment, according to the leader of the Federal CIO Cloud Working Group.

Facebook sets up government page

The site will help agencies set up their own outreach pages.

Open Government Directive only weeks away

Agencies will need formal plans on providing machine-readable data to the public.

Help wanted: Agencies will need 11,000 more IT workers

Federal agencies will need to hire over 270,000 new employees for mission-critical jobs over the next three years, including over 11,549 IT pros, according to new survey.

IT Modernization

A SWAT team for enterprise app woes

The Coast Guard Operation Systems Center employs a dedicated task force to troubleshoot complex problems with its own applications.


DISA releases open-source administration app

The Defense Information Systems Agency has released its Open Source Corporate Management System with hopes that other agencies and industry may reuse and further develop the software suite.


The sound of social networking jackboots marching

Social-networking research really warrants a Manhattan Project-level of government interest? Readers opine!

IT Modernization

GSA issues cloud storefront RFQ

Storage, Web hosting and virtualization requested on an on-demand basis.