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CRS scrutinizes the OPM breach

A new report serves as a useful backgrounder for anyone looking for a quick yet detailed review of the circumstances surrounding the breach.

IT Modernization

IT overlaps high on GAO's duplication list

Better management of software licenses, data centers and IT portfolios could save billions, says the annual GAO report on government efficiency.


GAO blasts planning, oversight and cost overruns for

Politically motivated decision-making – and the over-arching desire to meet the October 2013 launch date -- also played a role in problems with the sight, according to a new report.


New CIO at Commerce an old government hand

Steve Cooper, who was the first CIO at Homeland Security, is taking over for Simon Szykman at Commerce.

House rejects attempt to revive OTA

The Office of Technology Assessment has been unfunded for the better part of 20 years.


IT testing for 2020 count running behind

GAO auditors said that although the Census Bureau has made progress on the IT for the decennial count, several of the supporting projects have neither a schedule nor a detailed plan.


Lawmakers propose 3.3% federal pay hike

Although the measure stands little chance of becoming law, it provides a rhetorical launching pad for Democrats who accuse the GOP of demonizing federal workers.


Pentagon Deputy CIO Carey retires

Robert J. Carey served in a variety of defense-related positions in a a career that spanned more than three decades.

IT Modernization

FAA picks UAV test sites

The winners are in Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia.


DHS deputy secretary confirmed

Alejandro Mayorkas is under investigation by the department’s IG, but Democrats said there is nothing to the charges and refused to delay a vote until the probe is complete.

CIO Council offers social media privacy advice

A new report provides guidance for agency officials tasked with developing social media privacy policies.