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John Klossner

John Klossner is a cartoonist and blogger for Federal Computer Week.

About that plan to collect passwords at the border...

Never mind privacy concerns -- FCW's cartoonist notes the real challenge for DHS.


It's what all the feds are wearing...

FCW's cartoonist on the fashion trend career workers could do without.


Recruiting techies to government? Try this.

Salary isn't going to do it, but FCW's cartoonist notes that government boasts some benefits Silicon Valley can't match.


When security goes too far

What happens when agencies realize that every connected device is a potential threat?


6 hidden hotspots in federal IT

The budget meetings might happen in Washington, but agency IT has some surprising centers of gravity.

The Fed 100: Believe it or not!

FCW's cartoonist shares some unproven rumors about the biggest awards in federal IT.

Kinder, gentler... sort of

FCW's cartoonist comments on Congress' new IT overseers.

Ready... get set...

FCW's cartoonist gets to the troublesome part about planning for the future.


Shadow IT: 10 signs it's thriving at your agency

Cartoonist John Klossner on the telltale indicators that not everything is running through the CIO.


It's all about priorities, people

Cartoonist John Klossner reflects on cybersecurity and congressional oversight.


Projects that didn't make the Fed 100 cut

FCW's cartoonist muses on the federal efforts that probably aren't award-worthy.

Digital Government

The downside of big data

Big data is all well and good, FCW's cartoonist notes, but eventually it has to go somewhere.


A little help, please?

FCW cartoonist John Klossner's take on and the talk of procurement reform.

The wrong way to engage

John Klossner's take on managers' outreach to agency employees.


The simple path to better procurement

John Klossner sketches what it takes for acquisition officers to get to a win.


John Klossner speculates about the next feature addition for the federal health exchange website.


The challenge to collaboration

What impedes efforts to bring together different divisions within the government? Here's one possibility.


Top 5 tech worries

FCW's cartoonist takes a lighter look at tech troubles.