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John Marshall

Pen tablets show impressive tech gains

Somewhere between notebook computers and personal digital assistants lies the penbased computer, which allow users to run applications and enter information using a penlike stylus and a touch screen instead of a traditional keyboard. While passed over in the past by some IT managers because of a

HP's Digital Sender: An all-in-one fax, e-mail, scan and print machine

Consolidation seems to be the name of the game in today's hightech world, affecting everything from software to electronic devices. We've seen the convergence of the printer and the copy machine; isn't it about time to see a better and less expensive way of providing fax service to agency workers?

Mac OS 8.5: The must-have upgrade

Federal Macintosh aficionados have another reason to stay loyal to the Apple Computer Inc. desktop platform: a new operating system. With Mac OS 8.5, which was released last month, Apple is offering speedier performance as well as improved file searching and broader network support.

Tools aim to make NT admin a snap

So you're migrating your agency's network to Microsoft Corp.'s muchballyhooed Windows NT platform. You've set up the necessary user accounts, local and global groups and appropriate domain trust relationships. You give yourself a welldeserved pat on the back and prepare to push the daytoday adm