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Homeland Security Special Report: The cargo challenge

Government executives face major challenges as they try to mitigate homeland security threats.

IT Modernization

Thumb drives are too often the victims of convenience

USB flash drives can be a data security nightmare. Here are some ways to fix the problem.

IT Modernization

Storage firm boosts its open-source credentials

Coraid's EtherDrive storage appliances now work with EtherBoot, popular open-source software that lets users boot diskless Linux servers from software loaded on remote disks and accessed across a network.

IT Modernization

NetApp enters large-capacity storage market

The company unveiled a pair of enterprise-class Fibre Channel systems, one of which can handle 420 terabytes and the other 504 terabytes.

IT Modernization

Simple advice, big payoff

U.K. best practice books spark IT improvement projects

IT Modernization

BlueCat offers help with network chores

The Proteus appliance is designed to streamline and centralize many time-consuming but vital administrative tasks for IP-based networks.

IT Modernization

Data classification: A better way to prioritize stored files

A primer on technology that lets managers sort data by its value

Oracle buy further tightens CRM market

Analysts say Siebel acquisition puts the bulk of the business applications market into the hands of two companies: Oracle and SAP.

Oracle to acquire Siebel

Oracle will beef up the customer relationship management portion of its portfolio of enterprise applications.

IT Modernization

Product allows encryption of archived content

Nexsan Technologies' new disk appliance supports two of the hottest trends in enterprise storage: encryption for stored data and fixed content archiving.

IT Modernization

Xiotech SAN on wheels

Self-contained storage-area network includes system management software, network connections, power distribution equipment and up to 67 terabytes data capacity.

IT Modernization

Wide-area file services: Feeds, speeds and needs

A primer on IT that lets managers efficiently control files from a central site.

IT Modernization

IT security gets physical

A steady beat of advances in information technology and miniaturization is sparking dramatic changes in how government handles physical security requirements.

IT Modernization

StorageTek system manages archives

Lifecycle Fixed Content Manager 100 joins other solutions on the market that use hard disks instead of traditional tape or optical disks to store electronic records that must be securely stored for extended periods of time.

IT Modernization

Pack rats, beware

Don't box yourself in by buying bigger and bigger hard drives.

IT Modernization

Storage firm targets government

Clustered storage vendor Isilon Systems has added an ex-agency executive as a director and created a new federal advisory board.


Homeland security's second act

This special report explores how a less highly charged environment is affecting the government's homeland security plans and priorities, and the fortunes of the companies in that new multibillion-dollar market.

IT Modernization

Network Appliance ships new OS

The software is meant to address burdensome system administrative tasks and poor utilization of disk capacity.


Managed Care

Three management disciplines that could improve the health of government programs

Cray sells new XD1 to Forest Service

The Agriculture Department's Forest Service will be one of the early adopters of Cray Inc.'s new Linux machines.