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Jon Toigo

IT Modernization

Three ways to consolidate

The main distinction involves the type of products, which will determine the pool of available vendors.

IT Modernization

Cleaning up the clutter

Agencies find storage consolidation an indispensable IT housekeeping task


Words of advice

Define requirements. Don't reinvent the wheel. Know your applications. Test everything. Roll out in phases. Think security. Back it up.

Storage networks with iSCSI

SCSI over IP at a glance

Better late than never

Storage-area networks may see lift from IP-based high-bandwidth connection

USPTO will wait it out

Those that have labored to deploy Fibre Channel networks are simply not interested in a still evolving IP SAN connection

Other standards solve other problems

SCSI over IP is not the only storage interconnect protocol under development by the Internet Engineering Task Force

Mobilizing security

Growth of wireless applications drives need for greater protection

Crackproof wireless apps

Security experts recommend that wellprotected wireless applications have:

VHA works out wireless kinks

The Veterans Health Administration's Medical Information Security Service evaluates security requirements for wireless applications that are being used throughout VHA's 173 medical centers

A way to grow more storage

When it came to keeping up with his organization's growing data storage needs, Randy Oehrle knew that the handwriting was on the wall

Foraging for storage



Lincoln County rejects SAN sticker shock

Bids were released, responses received and then sticker shock ensued

Tape: Still reeling them in

Innovations up usefulness, cost-effectiveness

USPS squeezes most out of tape

Megabyte for megabyte, tape may be the most affordable medium for storing electronic data, but its cost advantage can be diminished if data is not stored on the tape as efficiently as possible.

NASA tackles planetary-size backup job

At the NASA Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) in the Earth and Space Data Computing Division at Goddard Space Flight Center, the role of tape subsystems that support NASA supercomputers is nothing less than mission-critical, said Ellen Salmon, mass storage team leader at the Greenbelt, Md., facility.