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Jonathan Lutton

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Tech honorees get share of the 'Sammies' spotlight

Edward C. Hugler and Ron Ross are among the feds honored with 2015 Service to America medals from the Partnership for Public Service.

IT Modernization

So many credentials: 23 certifications in high demand

Here's a list of almost two dozen IT certifications that are in high demand in both government and the private sector.


House of Representatives seeking new CIO

Former House CIO Nelson Moe left two months ago, and the House continues to quietly recruit for a replacement.


Small business contracts: Digging into agencies' performance

The percentage of contracts going to small businesses varies widely from agency to agency -- and the patterns for specific small-business types are even more interesting.

Predictions for the future of cloud are sky-high

Cisco's Global Cloud Index projects that data center traffic will nearly triple by 2018, with SaaS accounting for a steadily increasing share.


Mobile security at risk with the arrival of millennials

A recent survey shows a marked gap between Baby Boomers and their younger counterparts when it comes to protecting workplace data.

Digital Government

Sorry, open data: Americans just aren't that into you

A new survey finds limited public knowledge of government's open data efforts -- and equally underwhelming enthusiasm.

DARPA is spending big on big data

An analysis of DARPA's budget request for FY 2016 shows big data investments have increased 69 percent since 2014 and this might only be the beginning.


'At will' employment for SES: What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, according to a recent survey of Senior Executive Service leaders, who are worried about congressional efforts to make them at-will employees.


How to fire a fed

According to the Government Accountability Office, it's usually slowly, and with much trepidation.


When Americans approve of government surveillance

A new survey finds broad support for certain types of electronic monitoring -- including keeping tabs on U.S. government leaders -- but the more people learn, the more their confidence in surveillance efforts wanes.


Smith talks innovation at SXSW

The federal chief technology officer says top-notch techies can be drawn to government service, whether it’s for "two weeks, three months [or] longer.”


The biggest information security risk for agencies isn't cyber

Federal security incidents increased 16 percent in FY 2014, and though "other" cyber investigations appear to be the culprit, "non-cyber" security concerns maintain the lead.

IT Modernization

Security and data management driving mobile app demand

As mobile becomes ubiquitous in business, a new survey finds application security and access to corporate systems remain among users' chief concerns.

GovTV: The Navy's new robot firefighter

A prototype of the Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot debuted this week.

FY 2016 budget would bode well for agencies

Six agencies in particular would see significantly increased funding levels if the administration's budget shapes actual appropriations.


FTC's chief privacy officer heads for the private sector

After 11 years of federal service, Peter Miller has joined a law firm to focus on consumer protections and data policies.


What private-sector CIOs are saying

A new survey explores industry CIOs' frustrations, ambitions and compensation.


The most-improved places to work (and those falling fast)

A look at the agency components where employee satisfaction shifted the farthest.


DOD announces 2014 CIO award winners

The Defense Department honored four teams and individuals for their achievements in advancing government IT over the last year.