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IT Modernization

Fortress on the Hill

Capitol Visitor Center has 580,000 square feet underground, but officials won’t say whether it is a congressional bunker

FlipSide: IT community volunteers to help hurricane victims

Many companies gave workers time off to head south to give humanitarian aid.


G. Kelly Croft: SSA averts delay in check deliveries

Croft sent technicians to the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast to establish computer networks to restore connectivity and provide Social Security checks.


UPDATED: McFarland resigns as VA CIO

VA Secretary James Nicholson announced that McFarland will resign effective April 30 after two years on the job.

IT Modernization

Mirror Image takes on Akamai

Upstart firm wants to take on a major market leader for Internet content and storage



Not your frequent-flier miles; trust but verify; merging onto the info highway; back to New Orleans; no beards here.


E-passports to debut this summer

The State Department will start issuing e-passports that include a random number that makes the document harder to forge.



Mac makes work; Got Gucci?; Hooray for Hollywood; The next generation; And the winners are...

IT Modernization

Visionaries needed

Agencies are facing a telecom revolution with few big thinkers to lead


Feds cope with the ‘greener pastures’ syndrome

Some CIOs make a career of jumping the fence and, in many ways, are richer for doing it


GTSI lays off another 10 percent

The company cut 10 percent of its workforce today, its second round of layoffs since October 2005.


Cureton named CIO at Goddard

Linda Cureton, deputy CIO at the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, has been named CIO at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

FlipSide... A few minutes with Leslie Barry

A few minutes with Leslie Barry



Web forms: The new strategic tool; Classified for the 21st century; Car 54, where are you?


Corps budget request includes military spending

Bush's proposal calls for $375 million for fiscal 2007, which includes military spending for the first time.


New program to monitor loans

The Bush administration's fiscal 2007 budget proposal includes a new initiative designed to manage risk.

State Department IT budget grows in budget request

The Bush administration has asked for $890 million to support the department's information technology needs in fiscal 2007.


Bush cuts Education IT budget

The Education Department would take a small cut in its fiscal 2007 information technology budget, from $407 million to $403 million.


Slow growth for VA IT budget in 2007

The fiscal 2007 IT budget proposal for the VA is $1.9 billion, a slight increase from $1.84 billion in 2006.

SSA gets a small increase in Bush budget

Nearly a third of the agency's $1.03 billion IT budget will go toward updating its infrastructure to improve claims processing.