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Judith Welles

Judith Welles is a retired federal employee who has also worked in the private sector. She lives in Bethesda, Md.

3 lists for improving your work life

Author Judith Welles offers ideas for how feds can manage their work environment.


Last word: Final thoughts on the life of federal workers

In her final blog post, Judy Welles looks ahead to changes for feds in 2010.


A silver lining in the federal retirement wave

First the bad news: In just four years, half of the permanent full-time federal workforce will be eligible to retire. What’s more, a majority of the retirees will be supervisors, according to the Merit Systems Protection Board in a new report. Now the good news: Think of the opportunity this gives federal agencies to put a new stamp on their entire workforce.


Retirees get back to work

Agencies' new authority to hire federal retirees for part-time government work is a win-win situation for government and employees, writes Judy Welles.


Get a Life: Why feds should be thankful

Blogger Judy Welles highlights recent developments that bode well for federal workers.


From retiring to rehiring: An insider's guide

Blogger Judy Welles outlines the key provisions of legislation that makes it easier for agencies to bring back retired feds as part-time employees.


Don't retire until you read this!

If you are planning to retire at the end of the year, or if you could retire but the economy has made you unsure, there are things you need to know.


Get a Life: Are you itching to fire the boss?

According to a new survey, nearly all workers say the relationship with the boss is key to job satisfaction -- and more than a quarter would fire the boss if they could.


Get a Life!: Feds get fit for open season

OPM kicks off a new program to raise awareness of the value of a healthy lifestyle -- just in time for open season for changes to federal employee health insurance.


Get a Life!: Advice on making that job change

Taking advantage of your current job can help in search for a new government position, writes blogger Judy Welles


Get a Life!: The etiquette of flu prevention

CDC and OPM offer advise to federal employees and HR offices on how to slow the spread of H1Ni.


Get a Life: Telework resistance in agencies at odds with benefits

Blogger Judy Welles notes that a recent survey showed a significant drop in the number of feds eligible to telework, even though agencies cite positive returns.

Get a Life!: Be thankful the fiscal year ends in September

The race to award contracts and close the books as the fiscal year winds down is a government tradition -- but the September 30 date is fairly recent.


Get a Life!: Improving Hiring

A recent report warns that government needs to hire 11,500 workers in IT by 2012. But skeptics warn that with the current hiring process, it ain’t gonna happen.


Get a Life!: Recession puts premium on good management

During tough financial times, good morale can translate into continued productivity, recent surveys have found.


Get a Life: Looking at worker engagement

In a new report, the Merit Systems Protection Board explores reasons why employees are more engaged in their work in some agencies but not in others, writes blogger Judy Welles.


Be a hero, not a victim

A new book encourages employees to respond to adversity with creativity, not self-pity.


Get a Life!: Town hall meetings disturb August slumbers

The health care situation has not changed much since blogger Judy Welles worked on the issue at HHS 30 years ago -- but the debate is more heated.

Facebook? No, e-mail is fine

Agencies have good reason to be concerned about Facebook, writes FCW columnist Judy Welles.


OPM wants to hear from you

The Office of Personnel Management is offering federal employees a chance to give feedback online.