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Judy Welles


Welles: Getting away

Taking a vacation will improve your performance at work, and it can also be a test of your leadership.


Welles: Sticky floors

Behaviors that make you linger in a job can inhibit the growth of your career.


Welles: Sticky ideas

If you want your ideas to make a difference, try these tips for couching them in appealing terms.


Welles: Your retirement ballpark

Calculating various retirement income scenarios could relieve your mind — or set your teeth on edge.


Welles: E-mail messaging

A marketer gives tips on using e-mail for communicating with the public.


Circuit: Helping heal the war-wounded and their families

We talked to the founder of a program that supports wounded troops and their families in innovative ways.


Welles: Think before you 'send'

The authors explore the etiquette of e-mail in a new book of tips on avoiding mishaps.

IT Modernization

Welles: The telework dance

Proponents fret about the lack of straightforward momentum for expanding government telework.


The move toward blogging

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a leader in using social media, such as blogs, to reach a portion of the population that is abandoning traditional media.

Welles: Now it’s your turn to blog

Agencies face the challenge of balancing the old and new ways of communicating with the public.


Blogs are no blip

Are blogs just fads, or can they play an important role in opening government to the public?


Welles: MCAT is not a test

It is a Management Competency Assessment Tool that OPM uses for managerial workforce planning.


Welles: Looking for a good fight

Conflict at work can be surprisingly productive if managers are open about rules of engagement.


Welles: How to turn a ship

Deidre Lee: To be effective at leading change, government leaders must love a good fight.


Welles: Look ahead: 2007

Union leaders hope a Democratic Congress will translate into gains for federal employees.


Welles: Looking back at 2006

I predicted last year that telework and retirement planning would be at the forefront of work/life concerns in 2006, and I was right.


Welles: Want to be the biggest fed loser?

Try the 119 small steps that one federal agency recommends for shedding unhealthy weight.


Welles: California hangs a vacancy sign

Federal job openings are plentiful in the state because of high housing costs and low locality pay


Welles: Communicating at work

You should ask for help on a challenging project and not say ‘can do’ if you can’t see it through.

Welles: Talking across generations

Baby boomers should get over their inclination to micromanage a younger generation of feds