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Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Katherine Reynolds Lewis is an award-winning journalist who covers money, careers and technology. A regular contributor to Fortune magazine online, she has also written for Bloomberg Businessweek, the New York Times, Slate and the Washington Post Magazine. Find her on Twitter at @KatherineLewis.

3 books to improve your work/life balance

The authors of three recent books offer their suggestions for feds who are struggling to maintain satisfying personal and professional lives.


How to get ahead in government

Technical chops and hard work are still critical, but advancing into agency leadership demands a much broader skill set.


How to inspire government employees

Dealing with problem employees head-on can go a long way toward improving performance and morale.


5 steps to better leadership

FCW has culled the best ideas from business schools for agency executives seeking to improve their game.


Coaching and training in a time of lean budgets

Now more than ever, it is vital for federal managers to invest in their own professional development.


Making room for innovation

Agencies can retool their offices to cut real-estate costs and improve collaboration.


How to manage your management consultants

Agencies have long relied on outside consultants to help them achieve their goals, and the current economic environment could provide an opportunity to enhance those partnerships.

Digital Government

What the heck is Hadoop?

The open-source tool simplifies big-data management, but don't think of it as just another means of data analysis, experts say. In the right application, Hadoop frees users to explore information in whole new ways.


Naba Barkakati: On your side

The chief technologist at GAO wants to dispel the notion that an audit is something to fear.


How to make the most of a mentor

Experienced hands can help younger employees learn the skills needed to navigate a career. However, you must know how, and when, to draw on your mentor's experience to get the most value from the relationship.