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L. Scott Tillett

Information in motion

Biznews24 targets fed customers wanting to deliver multimedia messages


Fighting a telecom 'rip off'

The relationship between agencies and their contractors has always been turbulent.


Feds 'not going to take it anymore'

Officials have had it with vendors that point fingers and drag their feet when they lose government business

INS lets people's fingers do the walking

Expanded automated phone service gives immigrants new way to have questions answered

Bell Atlantic, AT&T win GSA telecommunications contract

The General Services Administration awarded Bell Atlantic Corp. and AT?#038; Amp;T contracts to offer federal agencies localaccess telecommunications service in the Buffalo, N.Y., area.

Industry leader pushes for 'more robust' security

In addition to publickey infrastructure, association would like to see increased use of biometrics

New 'SpacePlex' to cater to small satellite needs

General Dynamics plans to target federal agencies and commercial enterprises with a plan to outsource satellite management projects

AT& T to acquire GRC International Inc.

Officials expect the $220 million deal to provide AT?#038; T a leg up on future government contracts

Cabletron splitting

The networking equipment provider will spin off into four separate companies

Justice to pull stakes in Dallas

One of the agency's data centers will move to Clarksburg, W.Va., to be closer to the home base

Justice dedicates millions to fight cybercrime

Justice Department officials today sent Congress a fiscal 2001 budget request including hundreds of millions of dollars for information technology projects ? from "cybercrime" programs to plans for major new computer systems.

Attorney General Envisions Crime-Fighting Collaboration

Attorney General Janet Reno recently proposed a cooperative network that would enable law enforcement agencies nationwide to share information on electronic crimes.


Contracts keep training on the air

The General Services Administration last week finalized contracts that will give agencies access to as much as $1.18 billion in satellite communication services over the next six years a relief for agencies that want to use telecommunications to train employees scattered across the nation.

FBI turning Internet on pornographers

Strengthened online investigations net more bad guys than ever before, officials say

Software aims to make running jails easier

Program pulls together information on inmates to help with tracking

New gadgets, gizmos unveiled at ComNet

Proxim boasts further reach; Metricom Internet service to move on to fastrack, MCI strives for end to clogged call centers, Lucent automates network setup process; AT?#038; T Internet chief: Make Web sites smarter

AT& T Internet chief: Make Web sites smarter

Organizations using the Internet to conduct business need to do it more intelligently, said Kathleen Earley, president of AT?#038; T's data and Internet services group.

Proxim boasts further reach

Wireless networking company Proxim Inc. has upgraded its products to send data over greater distances.

Metricom Internet service to move on to fastrack

By the end of the summer in Washington, D.C., Metricom Inc.'s wireless Internet service should be noticeably speedier.

Lucent automates network setup process

Lucent Technologies has introduced a new software product that should make it easier to configure and manage networks that use the Internet protocol (IP) to send data.