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IT Modernization

Software that minds your business

Mind-mapping software jumps in to help you organize your thoughts and activities.

IT Modernization

In pursuit of consolidation

Michigan’s data centers were vulnerable, but not all managers welcomed consolidation.

IT Modernization

Big vendors give open source added clout

Familiar suppliers provide a higher comfort level for agencies.

IT Modernization

Mobile work zone ahead

Better wireless options are spurring a building boom of mobile applications

IT Modernization

Projecting a good image

Use these three buying criteria to make your short list for multimedia projectors.

Fine print

The third part of FCW's Smart Shoppers series: Here's what you need to know to pick the perfect workgroup printer

IT Modernization

Storage on the run

When it comes to portable storage media, you've got options

IT Modernization

Voice over IP exposed

VOIP can lower telecom costs and help with network consolidation -- and cause security problems if not handled right.

Feds seek cyber espionage protection

Agencies use anti-spyware software to protect their networks from eavesdroppers.

IT Modernization

Virtual server downsides

Unexpected costs; Fallout from isolated failures; Management complexity.

IT Modernization

How it works: virtual server software

Virtualization software lets users create multiple virtual machines.

IT Modernization

Split personality

Virtualization software turns one server into many, promising mainframe-like perks.

IT Modernization

Giving XML more muscle

New XML appliances offer to take a load off overworked agency servers

IT Modernization

Deciding if and when to buy

Before buying XML acceleration, see if users notice a slower network.

How much security do you need?

If you're considering a smart card, USB token or some other method of doing strong authentication, it's important to know that not all devices provide the same level of security.

Moving beyond passwords

New options for strong authentication help agencies find the right security for their needs

Linux gets 64-bit boost

High-performance shops first to benefit, mainstream users still wait

Waiting on apps

High-performance computing users in scientific and biomedical areas are accustomed to developing their own software

Tight budgets soften resistance

Price (free!) and flexibility fuel greater government use of Linux and other systems

Implementation tipsheet

Implementation tipsheet