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Lisa L. McNair

A computer virus cure

McAfee's WebShield e50 combines hardware and software to stop viruses at the gate

Digital Government

BlackBerry pushes a sweet solution

If you're a professional on the go, you probably have a wish list of improvements for remote e-mail access. Items on the list likely include real-time receipt of messages, no need for a separate account and improved overall convenience.

BlackBerry pushes a sweet solution

Wireless system sends and receives e-mail in real time, from anywhere

iPaq a solid, easy-to-use tool

Compaq's new iPaq is a simple, inexpensive box dedicated to working on the Internet. It's an easytomanage product that avoids most of the compatibility issues of desktop systems.

Biometrics: More than a helping hand

Personal computers generally have been a boon to agency and departmental staff, but they can be a nightmare for those responsible for security. With users accessing networks remotely, transmitting data via the Internet and carrying around laptops containing sensitive data, ensuring security is an increasingly complex challenge. At least one thing is clear: Passwords are not enough.

NEC MobilePro carries on

Instead of revamping its highly regarded MobilePro 770, NEC Computers Inc. has wisely chosen the path of buffing the shine with its new MobilePro 780. The enhancements in the new model ? including a faster 168 MHz CPU, a thumb wheel for easier vertical scrolling and enhanced software ? are worthwhile, but users of the MobilePro 770 will be glad to hear that NEC has left the basics of the handheld unit unchanged.

Polycom ViewStation SP

The ViewStation SP was the simplest and, at $4,000, the least expensive of the systems we reviewed.

VTEL Galaxy 725 MT

The Galaxy 725 MT is a brand-new PC-based computing product from VTEL that targets the lower-end market.

Research Project Makes Long Journey

Once finished, research projects often do little more than collect dust. Not so for Melanie Lowery Bayne.

Two sides of the digital camera story

In digital photography, as in many other things, the end result often is a compromise. The tradeoff in digital photography involves the quality of the photograph, the size and ease of use of the equipment, and the cost. Fortunately for consumers, the natural evolution in the digital camera market

Keynote 7700 provides a weighty choice

While many competitors have made a point of minimizing the size and weight of their notebooks, Keydata International Inc. takes a different approach with its 300 MHz Keynote 7700, building a larger model stocked with exceptional security features and an exciting integrated CCD camera for videoconfe