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Maggie Biggs


Search gets smarter

5 solutions that could boost agencies’ productivity.

Digital Government

Setting up for wireless

FCW’s Quick Start looks at how to plug your portable computers into a WLAN.

IT Modernization

Fast track to file access

Here's how to use wide-area file services to boost access to files across WANs.

IT Modernization

Web extra: Beyond wide-area file services

Using WAFS to address talkative file-system protocols is important for network efficiency, but employees do more than access file systems all day.


How to secure the wireless fortress

Here’s what you must do to protect your WLANs

Looking for ways to control the spam beast?

Here’s a primer to help you gain the upper hand

IT Modernization

Computer forensics: Donning your detective hat

Computer forensics experts keep busy as more wrongdoing occurs online

IT Modernization

Efficient e-forms ready for e-gov

A look at products from three vendors that can help agencies move key processes online

IT Modernization

Web site sleuths

Monitoring software helps agencies keep tabs on Web sites and more.

Disk lockdown

Two disk encryption products provide last line of defense


Wireless detectives secure the airwaves

Monitoring tools can help agencies sniff out threats to wireless networks.

IT Modernization

Moving into a digital world

Optical character recognition turns text, images into digital documents

IT Modernization

Traction offers advanced Web logging

Software tightly integrates and secures information sharing.

IT Modernization

Click. Are you available?

Enterprise Web conferencing products fuel collaboration

IT Modernization

Linux meets enterprise server challenge

Government officials are starting to take notice of the Linux OS.

IT Modernization

Open-source gets serious: A new window on Linux

The Linux OS challenges Microsoft and others for data centers and desktops


Document management: Evaluation checklist

To find the document management product that works best for your agency, obtain trial versions of several solutions and evaluate them using the checklist


Taming the document beast

Evaluating three approaches to help better manage office and Web documents

Integration reaches new heights with Groove

Online collaboration has quickly become the norm in both the private and public sectors, and there is no shortage of collaboration solutions from which to choose

Network forensics tighten security

Although pricey, analysis tools provide in-depth security event information