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House passes bill to upgrade missing-persons identification systems

The House yesterday overwhelmingly passed a bill, known as Jennifer's Law, that would help law enforcement crossreference unidentified victims with files of missing persons within the FBI's primary national crimefighting computer.

Tool Scours Network for Y2K Compliance

Cabletron Systems has teamed with Opticom Inc., a developer of network reporting systems, to market a tool that state and local agencies can use to easily determine whether their networks are ready for the century date change. The tool, Y2KView, is the latest module of Manchester, N.H.based Optico

Pennsylvania's Bold Buy

This summer, in a move that shook up its procurement patterns, Pennsylvania standardized the core desktop functions of 40,000 state workers on Microsoft Corp. software. Under the threeyear, $23.6 million deal, which covered the operating system, the office suite and email, the state expected to save $9.2 million and reap big productivity gains.

Prism Software Aids Procurement Work Flow

The District of Columbia's Office of Contracting and Procurement recently tapped Compusearch Software Systems Inc., McLean, Va., to provide a procurement management software system dubbed Prism.

Online Software Store for Government Shoppers Debuts

A new online software store specifically for government shoppers recently opened its doors at

Police Check Out Faster, Friendlier Investigative Tools

Det. Doug Garrett, a crime analyst with the city of Kent, Wash., earlier this year investigated a crime ring suspected of auto theft, mail theft, forgery and drug trafficking.

Facing Your Year 2000 Liability

Fears that Year 2000 bugs will interrupt vital state and local government services are daunting enough for most information technology professionals working on the datechange problem.

New Y2K Supplier Audit Services

ILM Corp. is offering custom Year 2000 supplier audit services to agencies looking to accurately gauge their suppliers' readiness for the millennium.

Vehicle-Tracking Program Helps Cops Watch Their Backs

Lawsuits against emergency service agencies for slow or inadequate responses to 911 calls have become a rising concern to public safety agencies.

Community Transit Systems

In many cities and towns, elderly, disabled or lowincome residents who have trouble getting to their local fixedroute public transportation system can simply place a call and be picked up at their doorstep. To accommodate such 'flex' requests, transit agencies are turning to a variety of hightec

Autodesk Provides Raster, Vector Mapping for the Web

State and local government agencies looking to use the Internet for sharing maps and maprelated data might take a look at Autodesk Inc.'s MapGuide Release 3.0, which hits the market this month. Release 3.0 includes a suite of tools that allow users to build and deploy a raster or vector mapdriven

3-D GIS System Throws Public Discourse in Relief

A few months ago Jason Kornoff was in a tough spot facing a room of citizens attending a public meeting about groundwater contamination in their east Los Angeles community.

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Virginians Choose Personalized License Plates on the Web

Virginians Choose Personalized License Plates on the Web