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Megan Lisagor


Senator examines SBA work

Senator probes agency’s effectiveness, questions practices and seeks ways to measure progress


SSA puts federal career interns to work

About 75 IT specialists hired since 2004 started as interns


Learn something new

A primer on the federal government's e-learning portal


Experts at your fingertips

State Department used tech to find help for tsunami victims


Agency builds automated law office

Commodity Futures officials complete first phase of eLaw project


E-mentoring: A tool for federal workers

A mentor could be your ticket to work success

World looks to reap IT benefits

Consortium holds meeting to help countries join the tech revolution


End of the road for the paper trail

OPM embraces electronic records


The ups and downs of pay banding

Simply putting in the time may no longer pay off for federal workers.

Pay for performance picks up steam



Flextime: Not a bad stretch

Managers see 9-to-5 alternative as a necessary perk


Counting your work day

Every federal agency can offer its employees an alternative work schedule instead of a traditional fixed one (eight hours per day, 40 hours per week) as long as managers approve it.


Rewarding good work

Congress acts on bills to give NASA, GAO management flexibility

NASA Web site readies for next Mars landing

Agency's officials expect 40 times more traffic early next year for rover mission


E-gov leadership program to expand

National Defense University fine-tunes certification program after freshman year

Arrowhead is on a growth track

Defense telecom firm's revenue expected to exceed $100 million next year

Zoning out and dialing up

Internet kiosks bring Web access to vacationers in faraway places

FAA to advance state of air traffic management

Agency plans to award contract by next June

Interior faces old problems

Indian trust reform lawsuits progress, but management issues remain


Going the distance

Profile: For Karen Evans, Energy CIO, a long journey began with a single decision