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Michael Lisagor


Lisagor: Avoiding management malaise

Negative emotions can drag down any organization that lacks good leadership.


Lisagor: My crystal ball gets serious

Predictions have a way of coming true when you and I least expect them to.


Lisagor: Developing risk managers

Workshop teaches federal managers how to cope with five major IT program risks

Lisagor: The risky business blues

There are not enough incentives for managers to take a risk on unproven firms or technologies.


Lisagor: Counting your neighbor’s wealth

Happiness happens when you stop craving recognition and start giving it to others.

Lisagor: Five habits to avoid

Incompetent managers are easy to spot and difficult for employees to tolerate.


Lisagor: Diversity generates creativity

Smart managers seek ideas from people unlike themselves.


Lisagor: Are you missing your mission?

Managers need to reinvigorate themselves before they can inspire others

Lisagor: My crystal ball tells me...

Not to disappoint, I have more predictions this year. In 2006, a major tactical war theater decision will be made in an online Navy chat room.


Lisagor: Breaking up is hard to do

Good managers find ways to let go of poor employees and bad habits


Lisagor: Kick it off right

10 steps for launching a successful project


Lisagor: Old dogs, new tricks

As effective managers, we need to listen at least as often and as well as we speak.


Lisagor: Sending mixed messages

A list of the ten most common barriers to good communications.


Lisagor: A dash of appreciation

Nothing is more motivating to a person than feeling appreciated


Lisagor: Cheaper and faster, but not yet better

A look at the Clinger-Cohen Act with a tip of the hat to Edgar Allan Poe.


Lisagor: Listen, care and engage

Leaders need to set clear objectives and inspire their employees.


Lisagor: Organizational tapestry

The best managers share information in an open and collegial manner.


Lisagor: Relating to others

It is important to address a person’s flaws head on, but with compassion.


Lisagor: My crystal ball

Even with Get It Right, someone will still manage to get IT wrong