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Mike Hettinger

Mike Hettinger is founder and president of Hettinger Strategy Group and former staff director of the House Oversight Government Operations Subcommittee.
IT Modernization

In a crisis, America turns to….COBOL programmers and fax machines

The coronavirus pandemic illustrates how far the federal government and states has to go to support an agile, 21st century public sector workforce.


Are RFIs a waste of time and money?

Vendors expend valuable resources on market research efforts for agencies, without knowing whether there's a business opportunity in the offing.


Federal acquisition: Art or science?

Mike Hettinger argues that we need acquisition officials who understand not only the letter of the FAR, but also the spirit of its intent.


Financial management and freedom of choice

An industry spokesman argues that an official preference for federal shared service providers will hurt the agencies hoping to consolidate.


The evolving role of the federal CIO

FITARA takes a good step toward giving CIOs more authority, but the legislation needs to go further.