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Miles Fidelman

Is There Cash in Your Conduit?

As telecommunications competition heats up, many communities will be faced with an onslaught of street construction.

IT Modernization

The FCC: No Friend of Local Government

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 promised a new era of advanced communications services universally available at affordable prices all provided by carriers operating in a competitive environment.

IT Modernization

Leveraging the Municipal League to Protect Local Telecom Rights

The success of the telephone industry in whittling away at cities' rights to manage and regulate their local telecommunications rights-of-way has created a revenue emergency for some local governments.

IT Modernization

The New Universal-Service Rules: Less Than Meets the Eye

On May 8 the Federal Communications Commission released its longawaited rules defining how universal telecommunications service will be achieved.

No more free rides on the community network

Has your jurisdiction been asked to participate in a community network?

Need the Statehouse Internet-Ready? Consider Your Electric Company

For most communities the information superhighway lies in the future a reality only in government white papers and marketing promises from telephone and cable TV companies