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Nancy Ferris


Finding Foreman

George Foreman named his five sons George. Will the National Health Information Network be able to pinpoint his health records? Maybe. Maybe not.


Privacy compliance has declined

A new survey shows fewer hospitals and health systems are complying with HIPAA.

Survey: Industry supports federal health IT initiatives

Health opinion leaders say Congress should make health IT a top priority, while hospital and insurance executives favor federal action to standardize claims and payment transactions.

HHS rebuts GAO's security assessment

HHS says congressional auditors are off-base when they describe the department’s information systems as riddled with vulnerabilities.


GAO report catalogs VA/DOD health data sharing projects

More than a dozen projects are under way, but GAO says the departments can do more.


Northrop Grumman looks beyond DOD

The defense contractor sees opportunities in health IT and homeland security.


VA, DOD share clinical data on a large scale

The Defense and Veterans Affairs departments have finally figured out how to make interoperability a success.

Health IT standards work continues

A new work group plans to recommend a standard for allergy data.

EHR product certification passes test

The Certification Commission for Healthcare IT is on track to issue its first certifications of health IT software for use in physicians’ offices in late June.


DOD, VA exchange patient data

Medical records follow soldiers from active-duty to veterans hospitals.


Health IT panel to study EHR use in disasters

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt asked the American Health Information Community to develop recommendations.

Medicare's new accounting system is good for the bottom line

Cash flow improvements generate more than $1 million per month, officials report.

Intel joins health IT standards effort

An executive said the company should have something to show for its efforts by the end of the year.

Certification group issues last call

Health IT group seeks public comment once more before it begins product certification process for outpatient care.

Health IT standards project gets manager

The American National Standards Institute appointed LeRoy Jones manage the hodgepodge of health IT standards.


Hidden keys to health

The medical community is sitting on mountains of e-health data that could lead to important medical discoveries. But will its value remain buried by privacy concerns and lack of funding?


Associations call for workforce assistance

They recommend that the government beef up training for health IT specialists and systems users.


Clinical system generates performance reports

With little human intervention, Indian Health Service gets data on how well it's doing.


A success for health info exchange

Health records successfully exchanged among Boston, Indianapolis and a California county in test of protoype national network.

Louisville team designs health exchange

A nonprofit group in Louisville, Ky., is seeking a contractor to build a first-of-its-kind system for exchanging health records.