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Natasha Haubold

Intergraph expands GIS options

With the new GeoMedia 4.0 Product Suite, Intergraph Corp. has expanded the options federal information technology managers have for integrating geospatial data from different computer systems


Clinton order boosts women's businesses

President Clinton signed an executive order last week ordering agencies to meet specific goals in awarding contracts to small businesses owned by women, but the mandate alone may not encourage compliance, according to federal information technology experts.


Funneling federal business to women

President Clinton's executive order released last week requires agencies to award 5 percent of all contracts to small, womanowned businesses by:


Clinton boosts women-owned biz

President Clinton signed an executive order to encourage agencies to meet their contracting goals for small businesses owned by women


Speed-dialing agency call centers

The Labor Department and the INS have tapped industry to create call centers that can respond in less than 20 seconds to a customer's question


Web aids high-tech bird-watching

USGS is educating the public about endangered species with interactive Web sites featuring whooping crane chicks and migrating pintail ducks

IT market shakes up two firms

Inacom may be looking to sell; Intergraph is shifting its focus to systems integration and services


Cast a wide net when going online

Although the use of the Internet may reduce costs and cut the time to file documents and buy products and services, agencies should be careful that the technology that makes it happen doesn't leave behind large portions of the public, according to industry experts.


The dot-com invasion

Dotcom companies, in growing numbers, are offering federal agencies this deal: Turn over the daytoday operations of your Internet applications and we will show you how it's done.


Internet firms take the initiative

A slew of Internet companies are offering their services to government agencies. But in some cases, particularly when it comes to government portals, the companies are not waiting for agencies to ask for help.


Robot tests the water

USGS' roboticss system serves as an early warning system on watersupply hazards without exposing workers to dangerous chemicals


'Vending machines' make custom maps

Computer kiosks are being installed at USGS information offices that will enable customers to create 3D maps of any location in the United States

IT Modernization

Will FTS 2001 unravel?

When the General Services Administration created the FTS 2001 contract in 1996, it did more than launch a simple contract for federal agencies it ushered in a new era of how the government buys telecommunications.

IT Modernization

Who's going where

MCI transition

IT Modernization

What's the holdup?

Delays in awarding the FTS 2001 contract.


USPS ups online services

The U.S. Postal Service, in yet another effort to find an Internet foothold, has increased its portfolio of online services by making it possible to send and receive certified email.

IT Modernization

FTS 2001 Services

Long-distance voice services.

The new mailbox

Other recent Internet initiatives by the Postal Service:


USPS adds certified e-mail

The Post Electronic Courier Service enables customers to create and send messages via the Internet through a postal account and the USPS data center

When disaster strikes

Most government information technology managers have contingency plans in place in case a network fails, but what happens if a fire destroys the entire network?