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IT Modernization

FCC helps Google's open-access bid

The commission ruled that consumers will be able to use whatever phone and software they want on networks that use a portion of the spectrum to be auctioned.

IT Modernization

CES: Ultramobiles getting closer to pay dirt

S-XGen's eight-hour battery life lets you finish a full day's work without recharging, while the SwitchBack PC is a more ruggedized option.

IT Modernization

Ultralights grab spotlight at CES

Toshiba’s Portégé R400 is the first notebook to take advantage of Microsoft’s Active Notifications to automatically synchronize e-mail and calendar events, even if the unit is in suspend mode.

Digital Government

CES: GPS serves up new options

Products on display at the Consumer Electronics Show include a cell phone with integrated GPS technology.

IT Modernization

Windows fortified

Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system, offers users stronger security, better performance than earlier versions.

IT Modernization

CryptoCard takes the pain out of passwords

System eases administration tasks and supports portable devices

IT Modernization

HP adds workgroup muscle to its scanner line

The Scanjet 8390 and Digital Sender 9200c sport hardware, software improvements.

IT Modernization

HP offers affordable ultralight notebook

Elegantly designed PC is strong on security and price

IT Modernization

Office 2007: Microsoft offers a work space for everyone

Next version of Office features new interface, content management and workgroup tools

IT Modernization

A picture-perfect Vista?

Maybe not, but there’s a lot to like about Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system, including a snazzy user interface, stronger security and improved network features.

IT Modernization

Gateway E-100M: The price is right

Affordable ultralight notebook PC sports connectivity, security and storage features

IT Modernization

Printing for your eyes only

Silex SecurePrint secures an overlooked vulnerability: The printer tray.

Expose those prying eyes

Steps and tools that can help you uncover spyware

IT Modernization

Tech blogs on call

10 places to track the buzz in the blogosphere

IT Modernization

Review: Wireless security without the pain

BlueSecure Controllers offer a powerful set of tools to secure your wireless network while providing protected access to your wired systems.

IT Modernization

HandsOn: Computing in the dark

Standard batteries for laptop computers are still limited, but a few improvements are on the horizon.

Two notebooks for the road

MPC Computers and Toshiba trim down

Who's sniffing your wireless network?


IT Modernization

Adobe offers unified design tools

Creative Suite 2 delivers tighter integration

Master of all media

A review of Samsung's new all-in-one display, the SyncMaster 930mp.