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Patrick Thibodeau


CIOs recommend creative hiring

A panel of CIOs recommended hiring raw talent, investing heavily in training and offering flexible hours, telecommuting and job sharing

GAO finds few Y2K-related lawsuits

The General Accounting Office says it has identified fewer than 100 federal and state lawsuits that raised Y2Krelated issues

Licensing law may have national reach

The controversial software licensing measure UCITA soon becomes law in Maryland, and it has potential national implications for all end-user organizations

Privacy high on Democrats' list

Democrats list specifics on how either Dems or Republicans would protect people's personal information remains largely unexplained

Legislators seek to restrict use of Social Security numbers

Lawmakers are concerned that easy access to identification codes is contributing to the increase in identity theft

FTC, senator seek online privacy rules

Bill would require Web sites to alert consumers and receive permission for information collected online, and that data would have to be secure

Compromise eludes Internet tax group

The commission appointed by U.S. Congress to solve the Internet tax problem rejected the key compromise proposal at its final meeting Monday, and appeared destined to leave Congress without any clear policy recommendation.