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Paul Brubaker

Director, US Federal Government

Paul Brubaker is AirWatch by VMWare's director for U.S. federal government.

'Computer Chaos' at 20: Back where we started

A key contributor to Clinger-Cohen argues that federal IT has failed to take advantage of the tools that law provided.


5 keys to rekindling government innovation

It wasn't just a noble vision that got America to the moon, it was also the federal government’s legal, regulatory, management and legislative framework. Paul Brubaker offers some ideas to recapture the innovative climate of the 1960s.


Why IT reforms have failed to make much difference

Government IT reforms centered on hot technologies have done little to significantly improve how agencies are delivering services to taxpayers.


The ideal CIO? Not a tech geek

Mark Forman and Paul Brubaker take issue with OMB's recent efforts to redefine the role of agency CIOs, saying they undermine the intentions of the Clinger-Cohen Act.