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Paul Brubaker

Brubaker: Before Clinger-Cohen, there was Chaos

The Computer Chaos report's impact on the way the government buys, uses technology continues to be felt.

Technology, more than ever

Column: More than ever, the government's use of technology will be critical to ensuring that we can work, live and travel without fear of attack

Let the Navy do its work

Is the DOD CIO office snatching failure from the jaws of success by advocating a test plan on top of the Navy's own plan?

Vetting, minus the pain

What's up with vetting political appointees?


Lead, follow or get out

Reform advocates should give major kudos to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld


Keep CIO, comptroller apart

The comptroller's shop has a history of hostility toward innovation.


Giving CIOs the purse strings

CIOs in the public and private sectors have something in common: Control of the IT budget is key to success.