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Paul Ferrill

Can you hear me now?

Improvements prep voice-recognition technology for a wider range of uses

IT Modernization

E-mail near and far

A look at three vendors' capabilities for accessing e-mail remotely.

IT Modernization

Two tales of Web collaboration

ERoom and Groove offer different approaches but same results.

IT Modernization

Lotus makes info more accessible

Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 offers new interface, links to collaboration tools.

IT Modernization

Project management for the enterprise

Microsoft Project 2003 forges strong ties with Office 2003

IT Modernization

SOHO 6 delivers wireless security

Few wireless access point products have the top-notch security features found in WatchGuard's Firebox SOHO 6 Wireless firewall and VPN.

Text removal made fast and simple

Redax software removes selected text and images from PDF files

Adobe gives Acrobat 6.0 new muscle

Features include snapshots, advanced searching

Project 2002 sizes up for the enterprise

Microsoft has beefed up Project's collaborative muscles without sacrificing the program's ease of use

GroupWise goes wireless, with style

Wireless capabilities dominate the list of new features in GroupWise 6

A simple, flexible data-sharing tool

Project Reporter 2.0 offers an efficient way to put Microsoft Project information on the Web.

Product gives voice to computer commands

Voice Pilot PAL is an interesting supplement to existing input devices, but it won't replace the keyboard and mouse for most users any time soon

HP's weapon in the paperless wars

While many government agencies have made strides toward going paperless, most still depend on one of the great paper producers of all times the fax machine for transmitting and receiving nonelectronic documents. And as long as the fax is still king of the office, it seems the paperless goal will remain a chimera.

WordPerfect gets new lease on life on Linux

WordPerfect Office for Linux represents a significant milestone for the Linux desktop movement in that it is the first commercially established productivity suite to be ported to Linux. As such it brings the same level of functionality and features that have come to be expected from most Windows-based products

Delano smartens up agencies

Capturing the knowledge that flows through the electronic communication of an organization has been a dream for many government agencies.

Backing up Linux

As Linux continues to gain momentum in the application server arena, so does the need for robust utilities such as backup programs.

Latest NetWare embraces Internet

For those NetWare shops that do a lot on the Internet, Version 5.1 is well worth the cost of upgrading.

NetObjects Fusion 5.0 falls behind

Rather than touting power and price, NetObjects Inc. has built a loyal following for NetObject Fusion by making the program easy to use and able to generate World Wide Web pages quickly.

ZENworks 2.0 brings desktop control closer

The primary mission of products like ZENworks 2.0, Novell Inc.'s latest systems management platform, is to provide a way for IT staff to manage PCs without leaving their desks. That saves time and money because support staff members can do their jobs more efficiently.

HotMetal Web development software adds power, not complexity

HotMetal Pro 6.0 provides several new features that make it easier to use. The new Web site creation and management functionality enables even a novice Web developer to build a site quickly. Building dynamic, databasedriven Web pages, however, requires you to learn HotMetal Pro's proprietary Miva scripting language.