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Paul Korzeniowski

IT Modernization

Videoconferencing is a comeback hit

5 reasons why videoconferencing gear is finally winning over critics.

IT Modernization

Meet the new enterprise network

Next-generation network gear aims for a bigger slice of the processing pie

IT Modernization

To the orbit and back

Satellite communications find a niche in the military and emergency services.

IT Modernization

PCs go double time

Dual-core processors will change PC market, perhaps not all for the better.

IT Modernization

Optimizing bandwidth


Moving more data across network links


IT Modernization

Squeezing more capacity out of WANs

Bandwidth optimization products boost network performance

IT Modernization

Finding chinks in the armor

Security vulnerability scanners tackle their own weaknesses

IT Modernization

You've got options

The good news about vulnerability assessment solutions is that there are options for most budgets and management styles.

IT Modernization

Pros and cons of outsourcing vulnerability assessments

As with other kinds of software, customers used to buy and maintain their own vulnerability assessment systems.

Long-distance fixes for Fibre Channel

A growing number of government agencies are looking to stretch the reach of their Fibre Channel-based storage-area networks (SANs)

Fibre Channel still proving itself

As the storage networking protocol seems to be hitting its stride, new challenges arise

SNIA helps to fill standards void

Standards are often the last items to be put into place when a new technology gains acceptance

Security without the sweat

SSL VPNs ease the burden of securing large-scale Internet applications

KVM spells management relief

New IP-based technology gives administrators access to multiple servers from one PC


Learning to share

Intelligence, law enforcement collaboration plans face varied obstacles


Web of intelligence data expands

Alphabet soup is an accurate description of the government initiatives under way to make it easier for intelligence agency and law enforcement types to share information and coordinate activities.

Web security standards no easy task

With each of transition in computing came a need to rewrite underlying security protocols

XML allows Census to change directions

Managing a growing mound of information has been an ongoing concern for the Census Bureau

Spreading thin

Distributed Web services and XML raise new security concerns