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Editorial: A good push by government

As new health information technologies are introduced, reliable auditing and verification are becoming more critical.

Editor's letter: Record, record on the wall

Many large health care organizations have adopted electronic recordkeeping to maintain information coherence. But are these truly health records?

Editor's letter: Health care tipping points

The National Health Information Network must balance the fecundity and folly of today's commercial Internet.


Business transformation is turning heads

A Pentagon team is getting rave reviews for making progress with a program long known for inertia


Funding the ties that bind

To link safety-net health clinics, start small, go slowly and stay close to community stakeholders

Funding the ties that bind

To link safety-net health clinics, start small, go slowly and stay close to community stakeholders

Editor's Note: When all the switches are thrown at once

The response to Katrina provided a unique chance to identify the thinnest strands in the health care delivery web.

Rx for sharing health records

Architects of the NHIN must figure out how to build a network that lets rival hospitals freely share patient data while competing with one another for market share.


From health care fortress to IT showcase

Illinois' Cook County Hospital, opened in the 1830s as the Poor House, has become one the most advanced health care centers in the world.

Knowledge management building blocks

Like many new technology trends, knowledge management is often on the tips of peoples' tongues before it has sunk firmly into their minds.

Total knowledge management:

The day NASA's new Web portal went up was the same day the Space Shuttle Columbia went down.

Decision support for the warfighter

When U.S. troops first began to mobilize this winter for war in the Middle East, the Army saw a huge spike in the number of messages sent via Army Knowledge Online (AKO) ? a sprawling military Web portal that is quickly evolving from a mere messaging system to a decision-support hub for today's warfighters.

California preparing e-government 'metrics'

Policy would give agencies standards for developing Web-based services


Officials mull future of Trail Boss

Government contracting officials are considering ways to use the nowdiscontinued Trail Boss contracting training program to provide management and security training for nextgeneration agency IT staff


Air Force's Kirkland named 'Trail Boss of the Year'

The 900member Trail Boss Interagency Committee on Tuesday named Air Force tech officer Susan Kirkland its 2000 Trail Boss of the Year for her work building the Air Force's Cargo Movement Operations System.

Cracking Down on Identity Theft

It sounds like something dreamed up by a science fiction writer, but the practice of identity theftusing a person's driver's license or Social Security number to gain access to his or her credit accountshas become the country's fastestgrowing method of fraud.

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Our cover story this month on commercializing the classroom tells the story of how some K12 educators are grappling with whether to barter for services. In this case, the swap is free or lowcost hightech tools and online services in exchange for access to a captive audience of 6 to 17yearolds

Selling Cities on the Web

In our cover story this month, we examine some of the problems civic Webmasters face as they lead their governments onto the World Wide Web. 'Selling Cities on the Web,' by freelance writer Heather Harreld, was inspired by a workshop for Webmasters hosted by Public Technology Inc. during PTI's ann

Announcing Daily Departures

Like most of you, we at are working to take advantage of the speed, versatility and popularity of the World Wide Web to improve the services we provide. Of course, we also must keep a foot in the print medium, in which most of our business still is conducted. Most of you probably are plan

Support the New Tax Moratorium

The arrival of electronic commerce means that all the trappings of businessinvestment capital, shopping, bidding, buying and selling (in short, money)are flowing more often over networks. Not just over big networks between established centers of trade but also smaller network capillaries that con