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Sami Lais

Sami Lais is a special contributor to Washington Technology.

How long will cloud's reality trail the hype?

True believers see it as the future. Detractors call for caution. But what do they both agree on?

Networx gets nasty on Capitol Hill

What are members of Congress threatening to do to agencies that fail to meet the Networx deadlines?


GSA now on the fast track, top exec says

Martha Johnson, new administrator of the General Services Administration, outlines her priorities.

IT Modernization

CIO survey reveals cautious embrace of emerging trends

The presidential push for transparency in government may provide direction for federal chief information officers’ efforts, but cybersecurity concerns continue to top the list of CIOs’ biggest headaches.

Three named to top GSA contract posts

ITS assistant commissioner Ed O'Hare fills vacancies to oversee governmentwide acquisition contracts, schedules and acquisition operations

Cyber crime takes a bite out of legitimate systems

Attacks on systems often go undetected and are growing in number and sophistication.

Part 3: Data is key to transition to Networx and beyond

Data collection is at the heart of GSA's efforts to move from FTS 2001 to Networx as well as laying the foundation for future transitions, says Karl Krumbholz.

Verizon lab to demo the greener side of telecom

Verizon Business opens a lab to show feds how optical local-area networks can help make buildings greener by reducing the energy needs of their networks.

Is Networx transition a third done or barely begun?

The slow pace of the Networx transition stands in the way of other initiatives that might be implemented through the contract.

Business on FTS 2001 grows despite GSA's push for Networx

GSA is pushing hard to get agencies to use Networx, but so far business on FTS 2001 continues to grow.

Senators appeal to OMB for Networx muscle

Sens. Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins want the Office of Management and Budget to put more pressure on agencies to transition from FTS 2001 to Networx.

Fed CIOs, GSA smooth agencies' Networx transition path

Agencies get a few more months to lay out plans to transitioning services to Networx.

Networx transition woes: Enterprise becomes an also-ran

This is part 3 of our look at the Networx transition that explores how and why Networx Universal has become the favored contract of the two vehicles.

Networx transition woes: Dual contracts or dueling contracts?

In part two of our look at Networx transition woes, we look at Enterprise and Universal, once thought to be complementary contracts, increasing are seen as interchangeable.

Transition Woes: Networx structure remains a sticking point

In part one of our look at Networx transition woes, we look at how reality hasn't lived up to the original vision for Networx and the question of why not restructure it into a single vehicle.

IT Modernization

First wave from states will test's stimulus reporting mettle

The redesigned site's workload is set to increase.

TIC initiative gathers speed

Agencies have until Sept. 25 to file plans with the Office of Management and Budget on how they plan to comply with the Trusted Internet Connection initiative.

Senator's hold on GSA confirmation hobbles Networx transition

Transition to Networx slowed further because Sen. Kit Bond won't let Martha Johnson's confirmation come up for a vote.

IT Modernization

GSA says 'No' to more Networx extensions

Despite rumors to the contrary, the General Services Administration remains unmoved by any whining about agencies needing more time to complete the transition to Networx from FTS 2001.

IT Modernization

DISA, GSA detail $5 billion satellite pact

A new satellite contract that the General Services Administration and the Defense Information Systems Agency are entering into will offer a $5 billion, 10-year multiple award schedule and indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity terms.