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Sarita Chourey


Mining for information

Stanford-based CIO studies how to retrieve research data.


Interior's CIO fights fires

In response to agency's woes, W. Hord Tipton makes security issues a top priority.

IT Modernization

Technology anchors American Indian museum

Interconnected cluster of systems supports interactive learning


Attracting midcareer workers to be feds

Feds will struggle to replace senior-level employees as they leave, says a new report.


GAO: Energy must tighten purchase controls

Auditors found several instances of noncompliance with regulations governing the cards.


FAA ordered to bolster staff

Ruling requires more tech workers to keep airport systems humming


TSA starts biometric pilot

The Registered Traveler program aims to enroll 10,000 frequent fliers by capturing fingerprints and iris images.


Subcontractor trio named for US-VISIT

Raytheon, SRA International and Titan will work on a pilot program.


ODIN on the home stretch

NASA officials are ready to declare desktop outsourcing contract a winner


Managing from the outside

NASA explores ways to usher in expertise

Labor unions tussle with NASA

The engineers' union estimates that one in five NASA civil servants could be affected by a management change.

Alaska turns to simulation for air training

State officials say an average of one person dies in an air incident every nine days.


Senate CIO starts a new tradition

The Senate's CIO Greg Hanson introduces new technology to an old institution.


Turner lambastes US-VISIT

The ranking Democrat on the House Select Committee on Homeland Security says US-VISIT lacks interoperability and relies on antiquated infrastructure.

NASA, FAA simulate air traffic

NASA's Ames Research Center is working with the FAA to test Virtual Airspace Simulation Technology Real-Time capabilities.


Los Alamos vulnerable to PC theft, inspector general declares

Some classified desktop computers were not properly inventoried, according to an IG report.


Air system upgrades march on

The FAA awarded a contract worth up to $23.2 million to Boeing Co-Phantom Works.


US-VISIT readies exit pilots

Having focused on entry, DHS expands system to track visitors as they leave

IT Modernization

EPA set to roll out e-forms system

EPA employees can use ITM Associates Inc.'s PDF inFusion eForms to create e-forms that replicate the paper forms they are replacing.


Training for tomorrow

There's a looming shortage in federal employees trained in information technology.