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Sean Lyngaas

Sean Lyngaas is a former FCW staff writer.

How synced can (and should) NSA and CIA be on cyber?

NSA and the CIA have revamped themselves in the past year. FCW asked officials how well Fort Meade and Langley are collaborating in cyberspace in pursuit of their separate missions.


At CHESS, Army gets flexible on contracting

The contracting regime run by the Army's Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions is moving into a new phase with big implications for federal IT acquisition.


CTIIC chief: We're up and running

The nascent Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center provides a mechanism for attributing cyber breaches to threat actors.


Army kicks off cyber and EW prototyping experiment

An annual prototyping experiment will give the Army a chance to size up emerging cyber and electronic warfare technologies.


CIA chief says digital directorate will help with agency’s myriad IT needs

CIA Director John Brennan said his agency's Directorate for Digital Innovation would help operatives mask their digital tracks and would help defend against foreign cyberattacks.


DOE wants $15 million more for securing the grid

The funding would concentrate on community-owned utilities and electricity cooperatives, which generally have less money to spend on cybersecurity than bigger, investor-owned utilities.

Air Force wants to leap ahead in quantum computing

Quantum computing could be a competitive advantage for the U.S. military, and the Air Force Research Lab wants to keep pace.

IG: FDIC ill-equipped to identify major cyber incidents

A pair of inspector general reports paints a gloomy picture of IT security at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.


Obama warns of U.S. weaknesses on cybersecurity

Hackers are targeting the White House, and the U.S. government still has much to learn from its IT security mistakes, the president said.

Bill would codify Presidential Innovation Fellows program

The White House set up the Presidential Innovation Fellows program in 2012. Now, the House Majority Leader wants to make the program permanent.


DOD memo clarifies DIUX mission

The July memo seeks to put Defense Innovation Unit Experimental on firmer ground following criticism from Congress.


Navigating NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified program

Although the CSfC program is meant to streamline the certification process, primers like the one produced by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology further simplify it.


NGA makes disaster-response app public

Making the Mobile Awareness GEOINT Environment app public is NGA’s latest move to contribute to an open-source geospatial community shaped by the private sector.


Is analog the answer for securing the grid?

The scope and nature of the cyberattack on the Ukrainian power grid last year has spurred legislation in Congress that would make the U.S. grid less digitized.


Army seeks to use cyber at tactical level

Feedback from a series of exercises will inform how the Army fights on a future digital battlefield and could have a ripple effect on U.S. Cyber Command.


IC wants sensors to evaluate personnel performance

Working in the intelligence community can be stressful. The IC's research arm wants to use sensors to evaluate how people respond to the demands of the job.

IT Modernization

DOD updates enterprise services framework

The latest version of the Defense Department-wide Enterprise Service Management Framework places more emphasis on managing IT risk.


Wyden: Rule 41 changes represent another compromise of security and liberty

Government proposals to weaken encryption and expand hacking authorities are cut from the same cloth of uninformed or ill-considered policymaking in response to security threats, according to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).


FDIC still weak on IT security, GAO says

FDIC has significant room for improvement in software patching and reauthorizing user access to its systems, according to GAO.


Security clearances dip in 2015

ODNI credits implementation of data initiatives for a reduction in clearances.