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Steve Kelman


GenCyber: NSA sets up summer camps to teach kids to hack

Steve Kelman finds the normally secretive agency's camps an intriguing way to offer a taste of cybersecurity careers to middle and high school students.


Note to managers: A little recognition goes a long way

Steve Kelman shares research on the impact a simple thank-you note can have with the workforce.


Kelman: History matters

Revitalizing past performance could create a better-functioning procurement system.


Kelman: Creating value and trust

If you treat industry partners like you can’t trust them, it’ll be a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Kelman: Let the data talk

More than data, anecdotes inform the debate about recent federal acquisition changes.


Kelman: Buying commercial

The debates about commercial contracting and government risk involve high stakes.


Kelman: It's all in the requirements

What makes successful IT projects? For many, it's obvious.


Kelman: A public service incentive

Government can attract young people by helping them pay down the debt they incurred as students.


Kelman: Focus on the mission

To be a great federal leader, you have to be obsessed with your agency’s mission.


Kelman: The return of the protest

We should remember our history lest we repeat it and return to the bad days of frequent protests.


Kelman: The need for a new way

Inspectors general should abandon destructive practices and encourage managed risk-taking.


Kelman: Can we keep the kids?

The government is beginning to refresh its ranks at a difficult time for federal workers.

Kelman: A novel idea: Read

Badaracco’s new book offers us an opportunity to learn from other people — and enjoy the journey.


Kelman: A missed opportunity

In a difficult time for government procurement, the group could have done much more.


Kelman: More management insights

A learning-oriented workplace produces more positive achievements but also more mistakes.


Kelman: A really bad idea

It makes no sense to change the burden of proof for whether a fed has acted in good faith.


Kelman: Let the vendor perform

DHS deserves praise for its approach to the Secure Border Initiative contract


Kelman: The war for talent

The private sector is stealing government’s thunder, even at the Kennedy School.


Kelman: The face-to-face experience

Employees who can put a face to their customers far outperform those who never met one.


Kelman: Good government is priceless

Federal procurement goals and legal constraints are out of whack and need a course correction.